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The White House is Tearing Down the Wall Between Church and State NY Times

patchoullijulie 8 July 8

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Bush started doing this, laying down foundations....


I can't stand these stated governments in the south trying to pass laws the put "In got we trust" in every classroom. The ten commandment displays on government property is also ridiculous.


Lol they sure are and it is funny because Trump is not a believer. A walking 7 deadly sin and they say he was sent by god. Hey i notice trumpism is more of a cult than anything.

It is absolutely a cult.

@patchoullijulie. I am looking to upgrade my arms because of them. Before armed with bows,crossbows and such. His base is mostly endtimers and they worry me


Trump knows how to keep his Evangelical base happy, while pretty much ignoring every Christian tenant in the Bible. But then most Evangelical practice a bastardized greed centered version of their saviors teachings anyway.


That is not news. As a whole, the Republican Party has been doing it for years.

My thoughts exactly.



and solely for the purpose of receiving the financial donation and votes of the religious right. Not for any sincere empathy. Organized religion should be taxed for being the corporations they are. But of course, this trend is the reason they won't be.


I dislike the situation, not your post. I could not agree more. As I have commented repeatedly in response to similar posts, we on should all actively, financially support the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The wall of separation us now under direct attack by those who actually have the power to tear it down. That scares the shit out of me.

Me too. I am feeling pretty hopeless and useless at this point. 😟

I joined and send in donations from time to time. They are very active in taking legal action against any government agency putting religious symbols, activities, even bumper stickers on public property. Riles the Bible thumpers up something awful! They publish some of their deranged fan mail on Facebook. Makes it worth a couple of bucks to support them.

In Texas this is especially distressing. As I grew up, I honestly believed that the world would become more open and accepting over time. I sure it's a delusion derived from being born in the heels of Woodstock, but it saddens me that the opposite is coming true.

Every day, it seems, there is more hostility from Evangelicals, and I am waiting for the day when one of us is found hanging in a tree. I used to feel hope, but under this President, I no longer have any. And now another Supreme Court Justice. His influence will last a generation.


Religion is capitalism's sibling, used to control and repress.

I disagree. Capitalism in its true form is about freedom. We haven't had that in this country in at least 50 years.


You realise your contradiction?

"Freedom" means allowing companies and corporations 'freedom' to do what they want. And what they usually want to do is stiffle and eradicate competition. Big fish eat the small fish. That's always the way.

The capitalism you hanker after would need to be regulated and controlled to prevent that from happening, which would make it not "free".


There is no wall between Church and State.

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