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As a non believer, do you also reject cultural and social aspects that have religious roots. E.g. festivals, weddings etc.

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DSGavde 6 July 8

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No, for two reasons. 1 - I'm interested in religion and why other people believe. 2 - there's usually good food.

Jnei Level 8 July 8, 2018

Can't be wrong about food


I see value in the social and cultural traditions, and just ignore the religious bits. If the religious bits can be skipped, I skip them. But, it's not really the end of the world.


Not at all. Holidays, weddings, and funerals are important times to commune with family and friends. I love sharing turkey dinner and taking part in conversation with my family at Thanksgiving, for instance.


No I don’t mind them. I actually adore Christmas too!! By far my favorite holiday


Most of those traditions and ceremonies existed before religion. The religious just took it over.

The winter solstice was celebrated long before christians got their hands on it. Weddings aka unions have been around in every and aboriginal system forever. Today marriages are more contractual. I don't really know of specific festivals that are religious in nature and if they are, they were hijacked by said religions.


Its amusing how much intolerance I've found at this site. I prefer to go through life incognito, not needing to express my beliefs (or lack thereof) or argue them with strangers. Hence, I can go anywhere and people will assume I think like they do unless I advertise otherwise. I learn a lot that way.

I am sorry that you have had negative experiences here. Having said that, however, I am not sure how your comment relates to the question originally posed. Did you intend your comment for some other posting?

@citronella I intended to post it here. The original question read "As a non believer, do you also reject cultural and social aspects that have religious roots. E.g. festivals, weddings etc." I don't reject any aspects of the events I attend - I find it intolerant even to ask such a question.

I find it interesting how many people on this site are incapable of comprehending what I post, or eager to twist my words and argue. So I've stopped posting as much lately.

@exilesky I think that not understanding what you say is not the same thing as intolerance. Not everyone has the same vocabulary, not everyone has the same education, etc. You never said that you found the original question itself inappropriate, nor did you state WHY it is inappropriate (at least as far as I can tell). Don't assume that people have a negative intent when perhaps all that exists is a miscommunication.


Yes. I don't celebrate any customary days or events. I believe in showing the people in my life that I appreciate them on seeming random occasions instead of the times dictated by society. Social holidays always feel manipulative.

Its not the holidays that are manipulative it is the social structure that is around the individual that creates the imposition, and the individual is not obliged to respond. It is their choice.


No I don't reject them if I have someone I care about that's getting married I'll show up to their wedding out of respect for them I celebrate Christmas but it has nothing to do with religion it has to do with love and family


Yes, for the most part I try to avoid them as much as possible. It doesn’t always work and sometimes you just have to get through the event as uncomfortable as it may be. I’m fortunate that this doesn’t really happen too often.


No, I regard them as social occasions. I hear the religious words from the priest or minister, and I’m thinking to myself.....what a load of bollocks, and feeling kind of superior for not believing it!


Since holidays like Christmas and Easter are based on Pagan festivals anyway, just focus on the giving aspect and the tree and bunny. Though I must say, I hate Christmas, not because it is a religious holiday, but has become a greed and corporate boondoggle rather than a time to be sharing and caring. I like Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family and we can always be thankful for what we have without giving credit to invisible spirits.

American Greeting Cards has their greedy little grubs on such holidays as Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Father's Day and all other major holidays, as well as creating a couple just to sell cards


Ceremonies are a necessary part of human interaction. It's the spirit of the event not the message that i relate to.


No, but I avoid the loooong religious ceremonies attached to any of my large, Catholic families traditional events. I just come for the party.

Ha ha lol..same here..large extended Catholic too

Attend what I have to..without causing raised eyebrows..? ..always making excuses to pop out...?


Most Xtian events , holy days and rites are based on earlier religious rites.


Yes, I do.
I don't like weddings (or funerals, or most other events) for a number of reasons, only one of which is the usual pervasive religious bullshit.
I also think marriage is an antiquated social construct that benefits only lawyers and the government, so that's another reason.


No, though I do omit or ignore the religious components. I mostly see such observances as opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and family.


I think it's important to participate in cultural events, especially if they are important to both friends and family. Participation in such events also is integral part of understanding the mindset of those we disagree with. Encountering perspectives we do not understand is a good way to expand our perception of believers. This might facilitate better interaction through mutual respect and open avenues to potentially educate or inspire them to exercise skepticism and freedom of thought.


Most Religious Celebrations have their base upon Pagan Rituals and Customs. People whom initiate their own Wedding Vows, Select how they want to be honored when or during their final moments. Halloween being on the Eve of All Hallows, Mardi Gras, and just going to a Bar Mitzvah,Purim or Jewish Wedding is a fantastic celebration. The Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther et al. was a tribute to Good German Beer Thinking.


To a certain extent, yes. Some holidays with religious roots I still celebrate, but it's secular versions of them, like Christmas, for example. It's only the religion behind it I leave behind.

Curiously, its the secular aspect of Christmas that is destructive. Maxed out credit cards, drunk relations, overwrought children and the family crisis. Its the only time of the year that I wish Jesus was more important than the crash and burn that people go through from the middle of November to the aftermath, however long that takes. I've gotta say...Jesus rules at Christmas! 😮

@Geoffrey51 I agree that Christmas has been turned into a financial and emotional trap by the greedy. And lately also into some sort of political/religious hell by those who are ready to start a brawl of the use (or non-use) of the phrase "Merry Christmas".

I would like to think Christmas is about Jesus, but everybody knows its not really his birthday and that this holiday was timed to incorporate Pagan holidays and traditions that people were loath to give up. Nothing is more ridiculous than Christians hysterically defending "their" holiday when they are ignorant of its history and unwilling to learn it.

@exilesky It's more about family to me. I don't care about the gifts so much. Getting to catch up with extended family and enjoy some food and games is what I look forward to.


Mostly. My only participationis to visit with and interact with family members.


I think you can have a wedding without invoking god. However, if it were a church wedding and I really cared about the person, I would go to the wedding even if it were held in a church, unless it was a church that expected me to yell, wave my hands in the air, or bring a dish to pass. I can't imagine a festival with a religious connection, so I'm stumped there. For me, it's more about my connection to the people involved and less about the activity itself. That being said, I would also give myself permission to get up and leave if something batshit crazy were about to happen.

I go to Church on a semi regular basis. Not because I'm religious, but because the church I belong to is heavily into prairie and wildlife restoration. I have a lot to offer in this field, and it needs to be done. And this church is super green
So I sit thru the message and pitch in afterwards.
They are aware of my lack of belief, but are OK with it.
All are welcome. Gays. Muslims. Atheists like me.
It's a win-win-win situation for me, the church and the environment


I only object to whatever is shoved down my throat. It is not my place to shove anything down someone else's throat. No pun intended 🙂


X-mas became corporate over a hundred years ago, I celebrate it solely for my son.


Any excuse to celebrate life is healthy, and fun. Weddings and holidays do not have to be solemn religious occasions.
Celebrate with friends, family and positive people!
Funerals are healthy, as all grieving is a necessary part of higher thinking animals during times of loss.
Grieve freely and godlessly, no matter what the preacher might be blathering.
Failure to mourn properly often leads to depression and self medication, and failure to celebrate life makes one a grumpy old fart.


God no!! 🙂 If people are having fun and enjoying their time together its a bit anal to be prissy if Jesus or Venus or any one of the pantheon are involved. Too much in the world is concerned over scruples and principles. Let it go and have a good time with Christians and Venusians and even those who profess to claim no deity at all.

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