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I've been well out of communication, travelling. Yesterday we visited the Pegasus bridge and museum in Caen, captured by airborne troops on D-day. Today we're visiting the Bayeux tapestry museum. We're actually staying 2 nights in the same hotel! Lots to see in this area.

Petter 9 July 9

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I went to the Normandy beaches..and sneaked down a whole in a fenced off area in the high dunes...I used my phone torch to see where I was was very interesting being in a German bunker...especially when you are not supposed to be there..?

We have a bit of bunker in my house. Its interesting stuff. The museum of peace is breath taking. There is a replica of a gas chamber there and even the thought of it is chilling.


That sounds fabulous!


I hope you visit Mont St. Michel, it is definitely a must see !

I may leave that for another year.

Its blooming awful, really commercialised and very expensive.

@Petter Always a good reason to go back to that part of France. You need to leave a whole morning or afternoon to see it properly. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

@Amisja I think I enjoyed the history and the sheer impact it had when approaching it. Yes like a lot of tourist attractions this can be a problem, unfortunately.


Holiday! Glad to hear you are having fun.

Photos please!

I've even purchased a brand new digital camera for the visits.
21mm ultra wide angle and special low light sensitivity, so I can take photos without using the flash. It also zooms to 600mm telephoto!
Damned good excuse to buy myself a new toy 🙂


Cool Petter. Miss you. Have fun.

I am having a great time, thanks.


Sounds wonderful!


Sounds like a good time Petter. 🙂


Love that part of the world


Sounds interesting.

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