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How far am I willing to go to avoid paying tolls?
Apparently through ALL of Pennsylvania. 🤨
Lots of farmland there and cheap gas.
Christening day. I am officially a godless godmother.

By AmiSue8
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Cute baby! Ooh I want a squeeze

Mine! Poor child has a sore mouth...just like me. He is a sweetie, he has a good Mama.

@AmiSue awww. Poor babes

@AmiSue and godless mama! sweet!

Agreed . And the baby.

@Shelton Right?! ? I'm supposed to nurture his 'religious upbringing'! More importantly - his legal guardian as well.


Nice pic.

Thank you! My smile lasted the whole 5 1/2 hour drive home! smile001.gif


So, where's the picture of you in the avenging angel''s outfit?

I'll save it for your invitation to brunch and bulb sharing smile009.gif


Gorgeous ankle snapper ! I wasn’t allowed to be a godparent by the priest. Wonder why ?

Hebert54 Level 7 July 9, 2018

Christening was at a Baptist church. I asked my friend if I was going to be asked anything; baptized? christened? Do you believe in god?!...Lucky that I didn't have to lie!

@AmiSue That’s not what I was asked . Seeing as I,m not a paid up member of the R.C. magic club , it was a no no ...

@Hebert54 Gotta pay to pray!

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