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Literal translation from German to English -- do you understand what this is trying to say?

germangirl90439 8 July 9

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Are you German?
Do I look like one?
You sound like one!
Yes, I'm a real hang-me-out-to-dry German!


My husband's family is Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch)...they outen the dog...mox nix...and it is always spritzing! lol I totally understand what it

A friend of mine lived in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and he always laughed about sentence structure. "Throw your father down the stairs his slippers." "Throw the cow over the fence some hay."

@tnorman1236 It took me a while to understand his grandparents and they often teased me with their sentence structures and odd sayings, but I love it! I am sure I say things without knowing it due to their influence. I say "take the dog a bath" which cracks me up!

I was raised in Lancaster county. We 'outen the light"


Your phone is having a stoke?



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