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A new spin on an old classic.
The band 'Disturbed' is a favorite of mine kind of hard rock/ metal. the singer David Draiman has some of the best pipes out there. I love how he starts soft and mellow, then slowly builds up to his real powerful voice.

TristanNuvo 8 July 9

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"Down With the Sickness" was an awesome album (way back from 2000). I love their cover of Shout originally by Tears for Fears though the album has all really great songs on it.


This is a powerful remake!


I saw them love at download festival last year, they played after halestorm & did a medley of covers


I have just listened to this and have to agree that this is a very good version of the Simon & Garfunkel classic. He has a powerful voice and uses it to best effect. I am a singer mysef and recently sang this with my choir in four part harmony. It is the dynamics between the soft and the loud that makes this song so effective.

Agreed. I have always loved the original S&G version. But I was pleasantly amazed by this performance. I'm not usually into covers because most do it just like the original. But when some one does a cover and put their own flavor to it, it some times works out rather well.

I didn't know this at the time when I posted this, but I found out the official video has over 400 million views (WOW). this song also one a grammy. And When Paul Simon heard it he called David, and told him that is was the most emotional version he"d ever heard. Now thats saying something.

@TristanNuvo. Just proves you have good taste in music,


Love this version of Sounds of Silence-video powerful

I love it.. Tried to learn this version on guitar.. There's very little guitar in it

I love it.. Tried to learn this version on guitar.. There's very little guitar in it

I agree. Not theor normal kind of song, but I think they pulled it off rather well.

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