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Mental health screenings will now be required for a medical marijuana license in Oklahoma. Fine, but why not require mental health screenings for all of the addictive medications prescribed since marijuana isn’t addictive, and why not require one for gun ownership and purchasing? If anyone has a legitimate explanation, it would be appreciated.

InfiDelicious 4 July 9

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In their latest dick move, the Oklahoma Board of Health voted to ban any smokeable form of marijuana at the dispensaries. A similar move was tried here in Arkansas last year but voted down. Also in Arkansas, you cannot buy a gun if you are a medical marijuana patient. Can't believe the NRA let that one slip through.


Even though I do not use marijuana I see the benefits it has for others. The only thing is I can see the pharmaceutical companies charging high prices for something that is infused with other medications.

Lanx Level 4 July 10, 2018

Someone I know (who is not me) used to smoke enough in one day, every single day, to satisfy a small island nation for quite some time. This person I know (not me) walked away without the least bit of craving. I would say that if what you are smoking causes cravings, it has manmade chemicals mixed in. One can do the same with tea, coffee, or soda.


Maybe screenings should be used to screen those for more dangerous activities, like owning a gun or driving a car 🙂


I needed and should have been given a health screening in primary school. Every child should get one. Every adult should at different ages in life have one. I had obvious signs of severe chronic depression. My life would have much better if someone would have given me a screening when I was a child. You can't count on parents to do it. No one did anything for me until I was in my mid 20s. The person that helped was a friend that also had depression.


Who decides what is mentally healthy?

Who are these little Hitlers who get to define humanity?

This doesn't happen for people who buy alcohol.

Let people smoke cannabis if they want to. It's their bodies. Their lives. No one else's.


You can only get long term pain meds from a pain management doctor now. My wife has been doing this for a cpl ot years now. And every month they do several of the screening tools, and discuss them.

Unfortunately, that is not correct in my area. The VA and the tribes give out pain pills like Pez, and while some need it for their pain, too many do not.


It's all about controlling us


I think " doctors" should work closer with psychiatric
Before prescribing and I am a proponent of the herb but do think it can be addictive as anything that starts occupieing more time than a person may intend
Ya i think most of the horrific shooting is from harder trips not necessarily people who struggle or are disadvantaged mentally
Why assault weapons Control and money
Control the money money to control i say lets communicate and work out our own enjoyment at the ballot box


Or you can just move to one of the many states where it's completely legal


Having been raised in Oklahoma l can say, " BECAUSE IT'S OKLAHOMA!" ☺




So, let me get this straight. Okies who smoke weed legally will be the sanest people in the state? Sounds about right.


You cannot expect a Republican Member of Congress whose Kids are probably the biggest heads around to promote something sane and rational. Jeb and Dubya were two of the biggest dopers who minored in Weed during their Private School Days and in Princeton at the Skull and Bones. Dubya even had a Cocaine habit that his Wife made him give it up or her. Jeb married a South American so I'm sure he still going strong. John Boehner's daughter is married to a Rasta and Boehner himself was a big smoker of Cigarettes. Still could never figure out the ones who gave up Cigarettes and just smoked weed and said they quit. Alcohol is worse than weed and they all are big hitters on the Bottle and some nice meds will keep they afloat. That is so they can throw people off of welfare, but not out of Congress.


The first thing I thought of was gun ownership and you already nailed that down so I also agree with you 100%.

gearl Level 8 July 9, 2018

I suppose if you have an addictive personality it would make sense? - But um... no.
It really doesn't. They're substituting medical marijuana for opioids now. (BTW That doesn't always work. Pot's not necessarily a pain killer for everyone).

This makes so little sense. I'd love to know what the mental health professionals think they're testing for? Sigh. Those professionals may be shaking their heads the most.

There is not enough Mental Health Care being provided as is - to the folks who need it.
Now another silly burden on the system? SMH

@Fanburger Not according to anything I've read. And I've read extensively.
Also checked with My PCP and my Oncologist.

However - if you have addiction issues - you can become addicted to anything. This includes Motrin. (I had a client addicted to Motrin).

I've actually been prescribed Medical Marijuana. I never developed a tolerance - much less an addiction. I could use it 4 times in one day and not use it the next - no cravings no hangover. Nothing like that at all.

Emotionally you might develop addiction to how you feel? And certainly with use you might develop tolerance.

But I've read nothing citing physical addiction.

Any journal articles? Anything from the medical world?
Or is this personal experience on your part?

I accept that perhaps it was your experience. Heck you can become addicted to anything.

But this drug does not have those issues.

@Fanburger Except that hard research of marijuana has been stymied along with making it illegal.

@Fanburger Actually studies I've seen have shown that about 7% of the population are addictive personalities. Meaning they have the tendency to become addicted to something, be it alcohol, gambling, opiods, nicotine. Whatever their drug of choice.
As for pot addiction I've smoked pretty regularly for over 40 years. I'll smoke a few times a day, then go a few days without. Why? Because I enjoy it of course. I'm like the guy who has a martini in the evenings, but a bit different.
Right now as I often do I've gone 3 days without smoking with no problems at all. Maybe I'll partake tonight and maybe I won't. If it is addictive it's far and away the safest drug of chouce, IMHO.
I'm more addicted to my 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day.
Are there actual reefer addicts? Maybe, but they could stop with far fewer side affects than many hard core drugs including alcohol & cigs.. My 2cts.

@Fanburger Don't be an ass. I made no statement for or against the argument as to marijuana addiction, because... I didn't research it, so don't know. Additionally, I do indeed know that research on marijuana is stymied, so there is a huge lack of actual good quality science about it. Note the date on this article, as it is recent, and as far as I know, the federal government has not changed its policy. []

@bingst Yes the NIH has been banned from studying this. So it's all anecdotal evidence.

I'm sure there have been independent studies - but I'd really love it if the NIH were allowed to get involved.

I know so many patients taken off Opioids who actually need them.
And people that use Medical Marijuana with great results.

The other thing that always comes to mind is just about any cop you ask would much rather deal with a stoned person - then a drunk one!

@ronnie40356 , I can smoke for a week and not touch it for a year. The ones who believe it's addictive have already drank the kool aid.

@Fanburger Okay, your opinion is worthless without evidence to back it up. Where is your scientific results & studies?


Only one way this makes sense is the medical world is going to make money off this one way or another!


Because it's not about fair. It's Oklahoma after all.

PS My father is from Oklahoma.

Fair is a place you go for funnel cakes, nothing is supposed to be fair. It would, however, be nice for things to be logical, but that seems too much to ask of government.


So if you have PTSD, you might fail the screening to get the cannabis you need to treat your disorder?

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