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We had a new employee work 4 hours and quit by text today.

The interesting part is she used to be a supervisor over on the collection side of the company. This time she was going to just be another clerk in the garnishment department. The girl who was training the new girl said she kept saying "well we used to do it this way." or 'so and so did it that way." kinds of things all morning.

The off the wall part is she is the one that's been calling every two or three months to get her job back. She just happened to call right after one of the garn clerks put in her two week notice. She practically begged to come work for us again.

When the supervisor left for the day I promised her I would not quit by text. LOL

sewchick57 7 July 10

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That sounds like one awful job. I sometimes have to get money out of people on my job, but it's money they got fraudulently from our clients.

Actually it's not. Our clients don't like getting ripped off by people that write hot checks and don't pay their bills. They're small business people just trying to make a living too.


That's a pretty short text - I QUIT

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