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"i'm Offended". another great one from Isaac Butterfield.

I completely agree with every thing he says in this vid.

By TristanNuvo
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"""Hate speech laws have released the thought police and all it takes to send Granny to prison now is for her neighbour to claim that he was offended by her joke or turn of phrase.""" [whaleoil.co.nz]

Jacar Level 7 July 13, 2018

Do you really believe that Grannys are being sent to prison purely on the basis of their neighbours being offended by jokes?

I can't take you seriously. You're having a laugh, ain't ya smile001.gif

@JimmyM Time to read for comprehension: IT IS A QUOTE from the article. It is an example of what the law can do.


The muslims were offended:::: This is beyond reason::: """The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ordered Alabi in April to pay the tenants $6,000 each after he failed to take his shoes off in the bedroom were the couple prayed while he was showing the home to potential renters. The couple, who moved into first floor of the home in December 2014, terminated their lease on Feb. 28, 2015. """


Jacar Level 7 July 13, 2018

Stephen Fry was accused of blasphemy for comments about god. But the police couldn't enough offended to prosecute. the UK is crazy with new laws about offending islam because they don't want riots and such.

A couple of years ago an apartment building owner was fined 12K for offending a muslim in one of his apartments by not removing his shoes when asked to fix something. A "human rights" tribunal found him guilty of cultural insensitivity. That is truly mentally ill.

Gad Saad's presentation about the insanity on canada's campuses is good:

Jacar Level 7 July 12, 2018

I live in the UK. I'm not aware of the new laws you claim we are crazy with. Could you tell me what they are please? Likewise your referencing of a case of a landlord being fined for not removing his shoes... I must have missed that one. Perhaps you could link to where I might read the details. Thanks

@JimmyM blasphemy laws, "anti-racist" laws, hate speech laws,... cannot speech about islam,...

@JimmyM [duckduckgo.com]
Lots of links to all kinds of reports about this craziness.

I've always liked Stephen Fry. Not just as an actor, but I really do admire him for how well he stands up to any one.

@JimmyM from 2007::
Jack Straw has decided to introduce yet another criminal offence, adding to the 3,000 new crimes Labour has introduced since it came to power in 1997. This latest offence will prohibit the incitement of homophobic hatred." [theguardian.com]

@Jacar these are not 'new' as you suggest. The one example you give is from 2007. 11 years ago. It wasn't a new law it was an amendment to an all ready existing law. Do you really object to the criminalization of hate speech? There a difference between criticising something and inciting hatred as I'm sure you know.

I can't accept Fox news as a credible source of anything. Last week they were telling me that the children detained by us immigration officials were 'child actors'

@Jacar of course people can speak about Islam. What you're not allowed to do is incite hatred. For example: 'I think the way Islam slaughters animals is wrong' is fine but ''Fucking animal murdering muslims' is not.
Do you really need me to explain the difference to you? And why inciting hatred is -and should be- against the law?

@JimmyM Too bad it actually is not working that way.

@Jacar and for your further education -away from Fox news, here's a link to the landlord/shoes case. This shows the case was not as you describe but that the failure to remove his shoes upon entering their home was actually part of a sustained campaign of what the tribunal decided was harassment. And despite people such as yourself misrepresenting the facts on the internet, the landlord's appeal was dismissed and the original decision upheld. [nowtoronto.com]

@JimmyM Information is true or not. The "credibility" of the source notwithstanding.

@JimmyM There is no such thing as hate speech. Who decides? We see how that changes from day to day.

@JimmyM "Harassment" because he refused to recognize the idiocy of their religion. Another muslim special treatment. This is extremely dangerous.

@JimmyM "What you're not allowed to do is incite hatred." Who decides?

Those who claim to feel offended? And then what? If the speakers are not punished the "offended" will kill cartoonists, and night club goers, and concert attendees, and put bombs in the tubes, and behead people in the street?

So we better not say anything that may make them sad.

that's just shit on a rope.

@JimmyM I had read many reports on the shoe shit. An example of special treatment for muslims. There should be NO accommodation for religious "rights." That's one of the shit piles that is spreading across the US. Canada's "human rights" tribunals are an affront to freedom.


Sorry Tristan. I thought you were a decent guy.

Life is too short for this right wing crap.

Ellatynemouth Level 8 July 11, 2018

The guy with the Nazi-salute dog was fined £800. He's hardly Nelson Mandela.
I watched this clip at double speed with auto-translate on because it saves time but even skimming, it seemed slightly repetitive and he didn't understand the C-16 law in the way I do. I'm never offended (or claim offence) personally, and I do think it's a slightly ridiculous thing to do, but I can't really get worked up by people who are unless they want to infringe my rights as a consequence. That's a different argument.

Gareth Level 7 July 11, 2018

the law is crap. censorship.


I have to agree with a lot of what this guy says. There are definitely people out there who seem to go out of their way to take offence. Some actually go around taking offence on behalf of others as if they don’t have enough to be offended by themselves. There has to be intent if offence is given, quite often there is no intent. This is not to excuse racist or misogynist language, but on the other hand it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest p.c.terminology, and very easy to fall foul of the p.c, police!

Marionville Level 9 July 11, 2018

firstly I'm not offended, honest smile001.gif but this bloke is just another plonka pandering to those gammon (google it) fuckers that can't be bothered to think things through and realise that their ignorant views and attitudes are no longer acceptable.

Somehow being challenged everytime they show sexist, racist or homophobic views turns them into an oppressed minority.

JimmyM Level 7 July 11, 2018

Thank you.


Thanks for the link:

Offense, like insultance, cannot be given. It can only be taken. It is a feeling. I am not responsible for your feelings. I am not responsible for how you think....

Jacar Level 7 July 11, 2018

Pc wasn't really a thing until traditionally powerless groups started to find their voices politically, culturally, and socially. Who needed to be pc when when nobody cared about what women, poc, lgbtq, non Christian, and disabled people thought? It's seems that PC is more a concern that the traditional power structure has with sharing. It sure was easy when PC meant being a white Christian male.

Count_Viceroy Level 7 July 11, 2018

You are offended. Big deal. I am so fucking sorry for you. Maybe we can change laws for you somewhere to stop all this, or we can just kiss it and make it better. smile001.gif

DenoPenno Level 8 July 11, 2018

I'm not saying that I am offended. I'm just posting this because I'm tired of how many PC people get offended by some really stupid shit.

Who is the one offered here? Snowflake much?

@weelittleone I've never heard of that term 'snowflake'. what does it mean. mean?

@TristanNuvo short answer... The easily offended

@TristanNuvo I was referring to the first comment

@weelittleone Oh, OK. Thanks for explaining that. I really never heard the term before.

The term for you is broflake

@Ellatynemouth A gendered slur? How progressive of you! You'll have to forgive my lack of empathy for your crys of misogyny.


Are you offended? Heaven forbid...

@Ellatynemouth Just pointing out your hypocrisy.


You don't like it when it's directed at you.

(I didn't invent the word broflake by the way).

And if you don't care about other people - why should other people care about you?

@Ellatynemouth When exactly have I used a gendered slur?


Was I talking to you?


Instead of staying on point and relevant to the subject you pick on my choice of words. That's cheap!


You use the Royal we 🙄


Lots of straight, white men complaining about political correctness?

The OP is a straight white male who has never:

Been turned away from a cake shop because of who he is.

Been stigmatised by society. So much so that suicide seems the best option.

Been ridiculed for using a certain bathroom.

Been fearful of being beaten up.

Been beaten up.

Been barred from certain jobs.

Been turned away from hotels.

Been denied the right to marry.

Been fearful of being lynched.

Been lynched.

Ellatynemouth Level 8 July 11, 2018

So his race, gender, and sexual orientation invalidates his opinion? I guess he should learn his place as a second class citizen.


I wanted to offend him to make a point. He was complaining about others being *offended'. Since only snowflakes are offended... It seemed a bit of double standard.

Do you understand?

@Ellatynemouth He criticized your ideology so it justifies your bigotry? Amirite?

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