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Sometime all you want is to be wanted.

Anthony8 3 July 12

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Very true and very hard to find...romantically speaking. If I find a good man, he will feel wanted. Hell, I made my son's dad feel wanted and he treated me like shit. I know I'm capable of appreciating someone.


It seems like the more u want it the further it runs


To me, it's a natural human need/desire is to be wanted and loved.

I have always felt that way... untill the one i loved made me seem crazy for it

True indeed


Unfortunately you can't be wanted without expectations, and no human can sustainably fulfill all expectations all the time. What people really want is to be wanted unconditionally, and that's an oxymoron. The closest you can come is for someone to agree to enter into a shared fiction with you such that they implicitly agree to ignore their reservations and irritations about you if you do the same for them. And in my experience that's even hard to pull off. The abstraction always leaks.

If I could go back for a "do-over" in life, yet knowing what I know now, I think I would approach my relationships with a lot less idealism and high expectations, and then I would naturally question whether I should even bother. Most likely I'd fly solo the whole way. It costs a lot less in emotional energy and even money.


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You bet! And I must check online to see what the experts have to say about why that is and how it came about. Then there's the issue of us not wanting people - using headphones, man-spreading, MGTOW and what- not. That's in public, I guess. I wonder do people coming home from stressful jobs just want to be left alone instead of wanted?


It can definibe lonely sometimes.


A human need!


And coming home to someone who is happy to see you

Bryan Level 5 July 12, 2018

Reminded me of the old saying: lock your wife and your dog in your trunk. After an hour let them out and see which one is happy to see you.

@Louise1920 I'm pretty sure that even my dog would my ass if I did this.


Isn't there really anything else? ?


Yeah. A lot. But it's hard to make it happen....

Carin Level 8 July 12, 2018

Laying alone always suck. I just miss the kiss or cuddle of someone I love

Hope you find that special someone to love and be loved.

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