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I ran out of laundry detergent so, I poured in some Windex. My clothes are clean but, I've had 3 birds fly into me this morning.

Duke 8 July 13

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Well...that is not a surprise to me! As I almost didn’t recognize you with your new one of those birds must have ‘pooped’ on your old picture? Replenish your cleaning supplies before something really bad happens to ya and the picture is blank!


no streaking! please.


Well there's dinner

@Duke yum!


LOL you just made my day.???


Next time try bubble bath. I know you've got some. You just look like you love bubbles.

(Bubbles is the neighbor's dog.)

@Duke pardon me

@Duke I'm not good with, "one at a time". 😟

@Duke Guard your eyes, at least.


Wear wind chimes....that'll scare the little cheepers away from you and prevent STAINS!


That's weird. They usually shit on anything Windexed.


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