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I've noted that most people I know have one room in their house in which the spend the bulk of their time . . . No matter how many rooms they have in their home. I'm the same. I spend most of my time in our sun room. I write there; I practice guitar there; I eat there; I nap there; I watch TV there; I read there; I surf the Net there . . . You name it, I do it there. In which room in your house are we most likely to find you? (And please don't say the bathroom. As one who's been accused of providing too much information (TMI), I know we all visit that particular room as needed. So, come up with another fave.) You might also comment on the room in your home you frequent the least. That's interesting, too. For me, that would be our seldom used dining room.

RobLawrence 7 July 15

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My cottage is small. I'd say I spent an equal amount of time in every part of it.


Evenly split between family room and office. Office for working and going online; family room for TV-watching, eating, hanging out, checking my phone and even sleeping (on the couch, which is sometimes more comfortable than my bed).


I spend my time inside in the living part of my RV...everything is at my fingertips! Much better than my 1700 ft condo, that I sold! Oh! Happy day!


When I'm home, I spend the bulk of my time in my office and my garden -- well....does the 1 acre yard/garden count as a "room"? The other 20-30% of my time is in the kitchen.


I spend half my time in the kitchen and the other half in the living room when I am awake.

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