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After months of uninterrupted analysis, I am now prepared to conclude that, indeed, my laundry is not going to fold itself.

Duke 8 July 16

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why are you giving up so soon? Hang in there!


WOW! A breakthrough! Let's celebrate!


Folding is overrated...dishtowels? Jammed in a drawer. Nightgowns, turned right-side out, jammed in a drawer, towels folded because otherwise they fall out of the cabinet. Other clothes hung up, except for t-shirts, JIAD. If it does not wrinkle (and I own No clothes that wrinkle!!!) why fold it?

@Duke good grief! I consider t-shirts hanging fare too, but color wheel stuff?! Have you considered getting a more fun hobby? Because regression would be a shame!


Sounds like someone else has been doing your laundry for years.

For wrinkle-free clothes:

  1. Select a lower dryer heat with a cool-down period at the end.

  2. When the dryer stops, immediately remove clothes from the dryer.

  3. Hang and fold clothes promptly after drying.


Well, now you have a solid theory. You've added empirical evidence to support your view and we can all start folding instead of waiting. But folding is a drag, almost as bad as ironing. I'm just going to wear crumply casual clothes.


my research research indicates the universe unfolds, but I have found no folding.

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