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Are there no patriots left among Republican politicians? If so, they MUST act immediately to remove Trump from office. Trump's performance today was nothing short of venal, treasonous absurdity which threatens the safety and well-being of our country. The former military officials and current national security advisors must will have besmirched their own reputations and integrity if they do not denounce Trump and resign from his administration.
I am totally nauseated and frightened by the sheer venality of Trump and by the threat that he poses to our country, our democracy, and our people. Republicans, you say that you act in our interest. Then, damn it, prove it -- NOW!! If you do not, I will do everything in my power to see that you and your party go down in infamy, and I hope that our citizenry will join me in this denunciation.

wordywalt 8 July 16

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I expect Trump supporters to reach new lows as soon as Democrats take the reins again. I don’t expect a Civil War, but I do expect civil unrest. We are divided in unrelenting ways with no room to compromise! I’m not going to compromise on woman’s rights, I’m not going to compromise on freedom of speech and I’m not going down without a fight.


I think today, even Republicans must believe that Trump has to go. I am no expert but I think what he said in that press conference in Helsinki was treasonous. He actually said he believed Putin and not the US Security Service, it is terrifying behaviour. and I am sure you must all be incredulous. When he was asked who his foes were, he said the EU. The man is changing the world order , antagonising allies, wanting to dismantle NATO and agreeing with Putin. Who knows what deal they are cooking up. Is there no way he can be removed from office?

For anyone who has one ounce of patriotism, integrity, and morality, it is time to ACT!


Absolutely positively agree-where are the fucking republicans? Impeach the traitor11111


Never mind the treat he poses to Your Country, how about the threat he poses to the world. Patriotism is another word for bigotry and racism.

Trump is a threat to us all. Nevertheless, I totally reject your definition of real patriotism. According to your definition, belief in such principles as democracy and national purpose is wrong. That, in itself, is wrong.

I can’t agree that patriotism is synonymous with bigotry and racism. A true patriot takes pride in and works for the betterment of his or her country. A true patriot feels affinity with his compatriots regardless or race or colour. I believe you are confusing nationalism which can sometimes, but not always, be racist.

@Marionville Perhaps I am, however all the so called people I have met that call themselves patriots, turned out to be racists and bigots. We should be patriotic to this earth and look after each other, all of us.

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