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My doorbell rang again... this time, I remembered the peephole, but I saw what looked like a uniform shirt with a name tag on a solo, young guy. So, I opened the door. He introduced himself as "from XX Baptist Church" and asked if I'd like to come visit. I explained that I'm atheist, but this guy figured I didn't understand the options. He thought I wouldn't understand that I'll be "missing out on heaven" and if I'd just read the bible I'd know god's plan for me. I just took a deep breath, informed him I've read the bible, and I know there's nothing after death. I don't think they're training their door-knockers too well, these days, because he just looked kinda scared and shuffled off as quickly as his feet would move.

GinaMaria 7 July 16

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Go girl!..?


My home is my private place and I don't answer the door unless someone has an appointment with me.


I played Burn In Hell from Twisted Sister for a couple Jehovah’s Witnesses who consequently never came back lol

PaulD Level 5 July 17, 2018

It's only happened once in the last couple of years, but my new approach is to invite them in, show them every hospitality, listen and respond politely and enthusiastically, and to ensure they leave with a full understanding of the correct way to fuck a goat.

Salo Level 7 July 16, 2018

I might have a hard time explaining that. ?

@GinaMaria I didn't have to invent many details, I started and they had somewhere else to be. They didn't even finish the coffee ?


The way I see it, if they ring your doorbell, they are asking for your opinion.?

LB67 Level 7 July 16, 2018



I used to let them in, but at this point, I don't want to be in the same room with a crazy person anymore.

I'm single, and my 16-year-old won't leave his boy-cave unless I wave Taco Bell in front of his face, so I don't want any strangers in my house. The first couple times my bug guy came, I followed him from room to room. Now, I text him my garage entry code.


Our Free Thought group has explored "Epistemology" techniques. I'd like to try it out the next time the bible thumpers folks come by.

I'd love some examples. ?

@GinaMaria This is a youtube example. There are many on youtube. It's a technique using the Socratic method of having the person being interviewed realize on his own by asking questions respectfully so that he comes to a conclusion himself. I hope that makes sense. Check it out


I give these door to door saps a chance, to those who insist that you're too nice I like to mention that recklessly angry theists are what drove some of us away from theology in some cases.

It's understandable to be annoyed, but to lash out with anger just feeds the rhetoric that all atheists are just angry, misguided, brutes, who just need a lil bit 'o' Jezzzzuuusssssss-a!

Granted if they're particularly thick-headed, or are causing offence themselves, then let fly with the anger.

I'm nice to everyone... it's how I end up in 30-minute conversations with the ISP salesman. ?


I always invite them in, then break out the various versions and translations of the Bible that I have and show them the flaws in their thinking. I have never had one stay for more then ten minutes, and they always leave angry.

I have two translations and a chronological bible in case they think I've not read it. I also have a book of mormon, but it's like taking Trazadone... knocks me out within about 3 minutes of starting to read.


Maybe you were too kind. I told it like it is and ran off a couple of Baptists last summer. 🙂

If it weren't so entertaining, I'd consider hanging an atheist A on my door. ?


You were too kind.

I don't have it in me to be unkind. He thinks he's doing the right thing. I just also don't have it in me to lie and let him think he's making progress. ?

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