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Prochoice-What Does it Mean?

sassygirl3869 9 July 17

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The woman can choose. That's nice. The prospective father can't That's not nice. What to do?

Use a condom, or get a vasectomy. If you are sterile you won't have to worry about paternity.

Accept that the final decision is hers and hers only, you can express your feelings on the topic but only with the caveat that it is ultimately not your decision and never should be unless you are the one who will be carrying that fetus to term.

@Surfpirate I don't think men could accept that their total input into the matter of their children will be an opinion. But what interests me is what men will do when they have no legal protection for their wishes.

@HippieChick58 That only helps if you don't want a child.

@brentan if you don't want a child get a vasectomy. If you do want a child make sure your partner is on board with that. Why would you want a child at your age? I'm so happy my children are grown and responsible adults with babies of their own. Babies are a hell of a lot of work as I'm sure you know. I'm happy to help my kids out, I love being Grammy. But full time, NOPE.

@brentan A child and a fetus are two different things. Requiring a woman to carry a fetus to term with all the attendant risks and then facing the lifetime commitment that having a child is with or without support from the biological father is an unreasonable demand. Until a child is born the matter is out of the father's hands and should be.

@Surfpirate Foetus, baby, child, teenage, adult, elderly – all fully viable stages of life to me. I can’t accept that that the matter should be out of the prospective father’s hands. I do accept that that is how things are going to be and I’m curious to find out how men are going to deal with it.

@HippieChick58 I don't want a child.. So I'm not speaking personally, so to speak. I'm giving my personal opinion on the situation in general..I think you hit on a very important part of this talking about 'make sure your partner is on board'. It seems the trust level between a man and woman would want to be extremely high. And still, if the woman is sincere about having the child and then genuinely changes her mind along he way, the man has no say in the matter.


Prochoice means that it is no others business. Each pregnancy comes with it on set of problems. Dead fetus at 3 months, brains stemless fetus at 4 months, rape, etc. These are just a few that I have dealt with in my career & the issues are unexceptable in each case. I have 25 is my lifetime.

Maybe,one day a book,no names of course, general descriptions,it may ease your mental burden of carrying that around. "When Pregnancy goes wrong"?

@Mike1947, they were friends & ladies in my employment. I had a lot of personal experiences & sat on a Medical Board for 20 years. I'm an activist & have lost friends over the issue but in the end it is no others business & I just try to help. No problems with doing the right thing.

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