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Today at the gym some dude was yelling and screaming at the screen while running on his treadmill. I mean absolute yelling, screaming and clapping, flailing his arms around, being a male nuisance to everyone. The women on each side of him kept looking at him trying to politely gesture that he keep it down/get out of their personal space. He obviously didn’t care. I could hear it under my headphones down the row. So...

I finished my workout, walked over and hit the “stop” button on his treadmill and walked out.

A few snickers and thumbs up were given. The dude said nothing. I walked out unscathed.

Honestly I’m not trying to be the gym police here but he was being an asshole and he knew it. Intimidating everyone in the room and making all of us miserable. Now I have to decide if I’ll go back ?

Cadelyn 5 July 17

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A, "male nuisance?"

After saying the women gestured like he was in their personal space, even tho he was on his own treadmill, she went and invaded his space and shutdown his treadmill. Now had the guy called her a cunt or bitch for that move, he would have been attacked as being an aggressive toxic male as well. Nothing at all wrong with a woman just doin anything she pleases to him tho. She is even so proud that she is bragging about it n the double standard of society is so beautiful.

Well, sounds like he was being a nusiance and is "male"... Mentioning that it was a man is relevant. I'm larger than the average guy and find guys my size intimidating if they are acting aggressive. If I was my sister's size(shorter and minus like 80 pounds) I would likely find them all the more intimidating for good reason.

@ClaytonE83 the subject of this story had already been identified as male prior to the use of 'male nuisance'. If it was the case that this phrase was used merely to identify to the reader the gender of the subject, we are looking at mere issue of redundancy. I'm willing to accept that, but have to admit that I certainly would have come to that conclusion on my own, hence my seeking clarification from the author.

@ClaytonE83 (bit of a trump moment here...) I meant to say I wouldn't have come to that conclusion on my own. Wouldn't, not would.


You should definitely go back.
If he says anything, tell him he was being an asshole and ask him if
he plans to continue?


You have referred to a man behaving in an entitled and inconsiderate way negatively. I predict an avalanche of butthurt broflakes. In fact, I can already hear the distant cries of 'Misandry!' and 'Not all mensss!'


If your gym tolerates that why go? Are there other options? I belonged to a $10/month planet fitness that didn't allow that kind of behavior.

@Cadelyn I’m guessing whoever was in charge at the time was young and didn’t feel comfortable calling the guy out on it. We often have college students who are on duty at the gyms around town and sometimes they don’t have the confidence to confront someone


I have to wonder if this guy was over 20 years old!? Pretty juvenile on his part.


This is why I avoid gyms and run on the trails. There's always that one selfish person.

Strabo Level 6 July 17, 2018

Better watch about walking up and just shutting down his machine, some guys won't take kindly to that and u are technically starting a confrontation doin it so unless u are looking for a fight u might not want to do that kind of stuff. Taking things in to your own hands gets ppl hurt all the time and that is why cops tell ppl to call them and not be the hero. If he was on a single treadmill he wasn't in the way of anyone and if u don't like his style bring it up to management, but to think u can just go shut him down like that is many times worse than what he was doing.

jorj Level 8 July 17, 2018

Calling cops for rude behavior, is a bit much don’t you think? An adult on a treadmill must be capable or he would not be doing a treadmill! He would have seen that she was about to shut it down! He could have prepared! I’m just saying...this is no where near a police matter!

@Freedompath I said talk to management. All i said about cops was they warn u to not take matters in to your own hands.

@goldenvalleyguy I say go for it too if u don't care to fight. If u walk up and do something like that and get hit in the face then don't try to play victim is all I'm saying. Instigating the situation has got many different outcomes and this one ended mildly compared to many others like it.

@Phillydrl I didn't say anything about what I would do. I said u better watch out for people that will be ready to fight over it. Not all of us only speak about what we would personally do and try to see all the possibilities and a fight is def a huge possibility when someone thinks they can do whatever they like to others. Esp when the other person didn't start anything with anyone. He was alone at his treadmill working out in his own style. If u don't like the style talk to management but thinking u can just enforce your own BS on people is one of the best reasons to slap the shit out of someone. If fighting over this is high school then turing off his machine must be headstart mentality.

@Phillydrl men would attack another man over that and all we have been taught for years is to treat women how we would treat men. That is why u see the new wave of men hitting women back and not being gentlemen anymore. Men are doin exactly what the media and women have been telling us to do. It's sad to see but at the same time it is hilarious. If u keep asking for something long enough sooner or later u will get it. My generation and younger are the guys that do hit women just like they would hit men because it is the idea that u treat women the same as men being played out in the real world. Now it's time to teach women how to be civil and not encourage this kind of act like many others on this thread have done, unless u are cool with men and women slugging it out.


Well done!! I'm sure it was appreciated by many.
You totally have to go back, you're the Gym Hero!!

scurry Level 8 July 17, 2018

Well...some days we must exhibit courage! I guess this was your day! Stand as tall as you possibly can and walk right back in that place like you own it...for just a valuable moment you did own it !!! Lol


Outstanding move! "Shield Maiden" worthy!!


I knew where this was heading after the words "male nuisance" were used.
I notice no one approached him to ask him to quieten down, perhaps he is deaf and didn't know how loud he was or his earbuds were turned up too high.
If you believe you did the appropriate thing then why do you "have to decide if I’ll go back".
Yeah, you're a hero (sarcasm), congrats on the bullying.

She stated the women next to him tried to get his attention and gesture to him that he was being too loud. Much like the manspread or mansplaining this is the way some men show their dominance. And before you get upset, yes I realize not all men do this. But it is an inherently male characteristic that you just don’t see women doing.

@Marcie1974 "the women next to him tried to get his attention and gesture to him", why did no one tap him on the shoulder or approach him from the front?
The OP stated this about contacting management "We were upstairs and I didn’t really feel like adding on the extra cardio to show them."
Sounds like some one was looking for a confrontation or a chance to be a pseudo-hero.
Just saying.


Fuck 'im.


Sounds like he either has big dick energy or a little chode charge...


If a dude attacks or gets physically confrontational with a woman in the gym he will probably get jumped pretty quick. Maybe if you are intimidated bring some pepper spray in with you. If he even tries to talk to you negatively tell the gym he is intimidating you and doesn't belong. But good job lol


To be honest I would have to question the sanity of someone that feels a treadmill needs bitched at in a public place.(yes he's a moron)?


uhggg... And that dude on the tredmill was probably the same kinda assholio that would go put in a complaint when people are deadlifting cause the bar touching the floor is too lous for his sensibilities.


Lol ? you should


Being rude and disrespectful seem to happen at the most inopportune times. The only person who loses if you quit working out is yourself.

Mokvon Level 8 July 18, 2018

If he’s screaming and grunting on a treadmill, he’s either hilarious or pathetic!


I congratulate you and applaud your bravery!


Well done... hopefully you’ll go back and able to avoid that bore.

Tomas Level 7 July 17, 2018

Have a guy at the gym that I go to does the same thing. People are now moving away from him.....


Obviously the guy was being a jerk & maybe kind of nuts. I'd only say that if you didn't want to climb stairs while working out(?) You could have called management after leaving. I wouldnt doubt that that guy has had complaints filed on him before. Also, I'd love to have seen the look on his face when you turned his machine off 🙂


well done i would have done jack shit being a coward and yes some hi strength pepper spray seems sensible

weeman Level 7 July 17, 2018
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