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I believe that the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc. Know that Trump is guilty, but due to oaths and laws they can't say it openly.

By Benmonk6
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CIA controls everything. It doesn't really matter who is 'in charge.' Take JFK as an example. They will do anything.

Zoidburg Level 5 Jan 12, 2018

I'm not sure their oaths can keep them from saying it. But political pressure, bribes, threats, and such certainly can.

MrLizard Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

By oaths I mean the ones that tell them that they can't tell what they've seen, what they know is fact.


We do live in interesting times. Stressful as hell, but interesting.


There some seriously shady shit going on in the Republican and Democratic parties and a lot of people are guilty as hell. The two party system needs to be busted up. Period.

Won't be easy - but I agree.


Probably. I just wish the Pubs will let Mueller finish their investigation. Someone needs to restrain Devon Nunes-former head of House Intelligence committee, a trump ally.


Yes, I think that they know that Trump has committed crimes, but they are not the prosecutors. It will be up to Mueller to file charges in the courts, to the courts to try Trump, to the Congress to file impeachment charges and act on them.

They are not the prosecutors and my point is that they have went out of their way to prod other branches of governmet to investigate what they already know but are not allowed, by law, to tell.


They do know. In fact, despite the fact that they all say Russia interfered with the election, Trump has said he believes Putin over the United States' own intelligence agencies.

Yes. It's the kind of damage no country can afford.

This country is turning into a kakistocracy, namely a government run by the least qualified or most corrupt citizens.

And, returning to the dossier, it makes you wonder why Trump is so subservient to Putin. I think they have him and he knows it.

Well they certainly have him on his collusion with Russia. I think that's probably it.

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