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I saw this on a humor site. Your thoughts?
"GOD DOES EXIST! Look in the mirror and you'll see him. That's why his opinions are yours. That's why only the parts of the bible you like are true. This is why he knows you so well. He is you, and he exists only in your head."

Personally, I like it. I keep saying "God" is a concept; a metaphor; not a tangible reality.

By MikeInBatonRouge7
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I listened to a podcast the other night, can't remember which one now, might have been Dogma Debate, anyway... the host had a Christian guest and kept asking him which god he believed in; the god of the bible or a loving god. The guest couldn't really answer the question. His point was, all believers believe in a god that they have made up in their heads. They don't accept that the god of the bible was actually pretty terrible, angry, and a murderer. So the god they worship is one they've created with all of the attributes that they would want in a god. I had never really thought of it that way but it's very true and interesting.

HSZ3399 Level 3 Jan 7, 2018

Yes! If you remember the name of that podcast, or whose it was, let us know, please. smile001.gif

@MikeInBatonRouge I believe it was episode #344 of Dogma Debate, titled Christian Listener vs. David Smalley. Pretty long episode but really good.

@MikeInBatonRouge Now I'm second guessing myself. It could also be episode #347 of Dogma Debate, titled Doubting Christian vs. David Smalley. It's long as well but equally as good as the other episode. It's in either of those episodes.


God is really ugly smile009.gif

zanyfish Level 6 Jan 7, 2018

Maybe we are all a piece of God and can only truly realize our potential and become a whole God when all of our minds merge into one which will in turn create a paradise because we will all think alike and have "each others" best interests at heart.

I actually think I have better odds at winning both the Mega Millions and the Powerball lottos right now lol

I think you were just talking about the Borg, actually. "Resistance is futile!" smile009.gif


I like god's mustache and beard. Oh wait?

Come on now! God has a great mustache, but clearly no beard. So stop making up stuff! smile009.gif


I used to think god was my conscience.

I like the Julian Jaynes theory--totally unprovable but still brilliant-- that humans' brain structure, which allows for hearing voices, used to be the norm, based on ancient literature references over three thousand years ago, and that initially everyone thought of God as their personal God, and that was simply the hallucinated voice. For example in the Illiad, humans were portrayed as mere puppets that had to obey their gods. The theory is that the further development of a unified consciousness in humans led to a sharp decline in the experience of hearing voices. For whatever reason, it's unclear, but humans became generally better developed at the ability to subsume those voices into a single consciousness. The Bible, as well as numerous other ancient texts, refers to people pining in anguish over the loss of that personal "god" voice in their head. Feeling forsaken by God. At the same time, leaders--chieftans, kings, etc. Started insisting that their personal God would now be the God of all their subjects, leading to the rise of a priest class to tell people what God expected of them. It is estimated that nowadays roughly 10% of people hear voices at some point or other, whether mentally ill, under unusual stress, grieving a death of a loved one, or even just sleep deprived. The bicameral mind theory is fascinating.


Truth thru Humor, it is very accurate, we wear it on our face!

mzee Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

in his book God: A Human History the author says much the same thing. We have created our gods in our image and that image has changed over the millennia.


It makes more sense than him being a literal, but invisible and intangible being in the sky.

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