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How do you answer the door to a bible thumper trying to convert you? Me sometimes depending on my mood I am polite and sometimes not so polite.

DaveC 4 July 19

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Just say no


I politely ask them to leave my property, and refuse any handouts.

EdEarl Level 8 July 19, 2018

I do the same


Ask them what they’d like to drink vodka, gin, whiskey or scotch? That probably wouldn’t work with a Catholic as they do a lot of drinking.


In person I am Nice and Pleasant to everyone... Everyone.

With the exception of me. You block me and then you make snide remarks when ever I comment on a persons posts,. To me you are a troll and a coward.

@TristanNuvo What part of IN PERSON you have problems comprehending? Maybe that is why I am not interested in what you got to say... LET IT GO KID... LEARN TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY INSTEAD OF DYING FOR NOTHING. You simply do not pass the test and don't look right to me. Don't take it personal. Most youngins don't cut it either. Peace, without having a Cow.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Ah. so yo admit it. You block me yet you tag me in my posts. Very cowardly if you ask me. And I'm not a 'kid' as you put it. I am 54 years old with a Masters in
Engineering , and a BA in computer Science. In other words, I am not a newb. And further more. you quoted, 'Maybe that is why I am not interested in what you got to say' yet you continue to comment on what I post. Again I have to respond, you are a simpleton coward with nothing to add in a respectful manor other to imply juvenial insults. Simply pathetic.

@TristanNuvo IGNORED WITHOUT READING. jesus fucking christ... I got me a Pet now.

@GipsyOfNewSpain You are so immature, child like even. You show no interest in common discussion . you just post .Blocked, or ignored, rather that state a solid response. There is no wonder why I have such disdain for you. Stop being a child and grow a pair and give an actual comment.


I'm usually polite, but also short and direct. Get off my lawn!!!!


I peek around the door and tell them I'm naked and it's not a good time. Lol.


For Jehovah's Witnesses, I have three sentences in my back pocket:

"I don't believe in an invisible being that resides somewhere beyond the clouds."

"We are ALL atheists here," I say with a sweeping wave to include the entire neighborhood.

"At age four, I stopped having imaginary friends, like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus or an invisible deity."

This shuts them up. While they puzzle, I smile, say goodbye and shut the door.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't knock on my door anymore. Perfect.


blasting death metal beer in hand and talking about quantum physics a


In the past I would answer and say no thank you because I am such a polite person ?. But my "kindness" was seen as a means for them to continue talking. So now I peak through the blinds and say Im not home.


I grill them until they run away crying.


Generally a polite turn down. If they start to get Aggresive then I return it at a lower level.


I attempt to be polite. It's up to them if I remain that way.


Ah! So much hostility here. You should never be mean to dumb animals! I go out on the porch and talk to them. They got no shot at converting me and I love playing the part of big-hearted, duplicitous asshole, with the privilege and honor of poking holes in their fabled. If it all gets too tiresome with the Jehovahs, I can always ask them what their numbers are, because if they're not one of the 144,000 chosen ones, they're wasting their time and mine. I mean, really? The all powerful creates a heaven that accommodates fewer people than Portland?


When I lived in England I lived on a hill and could see them coming down the road so I made sure I opened the door to engage in some healthy debate. My wife would chastise me for being pedantic!

How do you have a healthy debate with brain dead zombies!


Just waiting for the day have the 12 gage all ready.

azzow2 Level 9 July 19, 2018

Are they really trying to convert you? Or is it just that missionary work is something that their church requires and they really don't care if you convert or not? I tend to assume the latter and try not to be rude but to tell them thanks, but no thanks and to save their pamphlet or whatever for the next guy because I am really not going to read it and it will just go into the trash. I have never had anyone push it, at least not at my front door.



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