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I think large portions of the US population (and possibly other countries) are affected with this, and certainly the current occupant of the US White House:

HippieChick58 9 Jan 7

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TrumpOLINI voters astrologers Marion Gordon Robertson JUNIOR alias Pat Robertson and all his donors Raphael Cruz JUNIOR alias Ted Cruz Heidi Cruz Senator Rick Sanctomoron capitalists


Too stupid to understand their stupidity blinded by smug faux genius esteem Donald TrumpOLINI Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss Sean Slammity creationists rapist priests both living popes covering up evidence of rapist priests King James bible believers making excuses for obvious bible error evils absurdities DARWIN AWARDEES posthumously


There Used to be The Leader of The Free World... but the title is now vacant.

It is Angela Merkel of Germany.

@HippieChick58 ...and we got a Winner.


That is scary...


It is a proven principle. And, yes, Trump is a perfect example.


Too stupid to know that they're stupid.


Just people being people, with thoughts all over the map, and all over the world.


That's herr trump to a tee-moron.


I've heard of this effect before.


Wow, seems a pretty accurate description of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


I must be affected as I do not have metacognitive ability or have metacognitive inability. Maybe I should first find out what it is.

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