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Silence is a political stance. It is a full throated endorsement of the status quo.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 7

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YESSSSSSSSSSSS silence is complicity 🙂


Agreed apathy is no excuse for tacit approval of TrumpOLINI or Billary crimes


Thats why we have to make noise. Need to get on street with signs showing he is mentally ill with dementia. Isn't his doctor's apt this week?

Demand HR 676 MEDICARE4ALL UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER force TrumpOLINI and Congress to all have the best identical health care


Absolutely True!


Hear! Hear! Any person with any semblance of a moral backbone MUST speak out against Trump and today's morally bankrupt Republican party!

Republocrats Rethuglicans RedBLUES BlueREDS zionists war criminal polluter oil Pentagon profiteering banksters have been bankrupting USA since Jimmah Carter inched the debt close to 1 trillion

@GreenAtheist It was not Carter, but Reagan. Reagan increased the national debt hugely over any previously levels.

@wordywalt Jimmah introduced church election corruption de-regulated trucking bus lines airlines causing wild inflation. ...ReaGUN escalated church election corruption and as you said spoke with forked tongue turned Carter 55 billion deficit into 400+ billion deficits all 8 years each

@GreenAtheist Carter taxed and spent a little ReaGUN LIED and BORROWED AND SPENT 3 TRILLION every conservative lies inside USA pretending ReaGUN is better than Carter both did monstrous harm to USA differently

@GreenAtheist Why do you feel the need to insult? The user of unprovoked incivility only demeans himself.

@wordywalt telling the truth is no insult and is most civil

@GreenAtheist "Spoke with forked tongue" is not an insult? Your words speak for themselves, and speak for your incivility.

@wordywalt Ronald Wilson Reagan incivility and dishonesty was precisely described by my civil and appropriate words. He defeated an incumbent President with his campaign of half truths and outright lies. His 8 years in power committed 3 trillion dollars worth of borrowing he condemned Carter spending 55 billion. ...WORDYwalt alleged civility here equals silence enabling great error from Beijing to the BELTWAY


Can't agree more. Being neutral is not a choice. It's just taking the side of the majority.


I think you right. And then again I can not protest or bitch about every little thing because I had never been that proactive and everything that goes in the political world it starting to be so annoying that I have to agree with you... just don't do it again. he, he, ha, he, ha.


Yes, I tend to agree with this statement. To me it means people are happy enough with it, that it is not bad enough that they want to do anything about it.

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