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My nieghbor is a pastor from Kentucky. Whenever he comes to Fl. without his wife, he's constantly at my door wanting to "help" me. He attempted to fix something, then said, "You aren't going to kick me out without letting me rest, are you?" So I invited the perv in and a convo. about Christianity ensued. He kept citing passages of the bible, and then reinterpreting them to persuade me to think he was wise, and had answers to every doubt and question I posed. Finally, I unleashed all my knowledge about Christian antisemitism, and the dark history of Christianity. He was completely oblivious to the fact that the pogroms and persecution of Jews preceded Hitler, for example. My point, that the effects of religion far outwiegh any good they do, was indisputable. The convo. ended with him stating that unless I change, I am still going to Hell. So, my conclusion remains; there is no way to bridge the divide between the religious and those who don't suscribe to their particular delusions.

By friendlycatlady5
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Conclusion; I failed to mention that once I finished my argument, citing how the net impact of religions was extremely negative, the pastor reaffirmed my point by saying, "So what you're saying is that Christianity should be done away with, in order to stop people from killing each other." Not only did he agree with the accuracy of this fact, but he actually recapitulated it for me!


Fck him if he comes round again just tell him you are obv poles apart and do not want him bringing stupid into your environment good luck

weeman Level 7 July 21, 2018

Boy sure sounds like he would've jumped your bones in and around the sermon he gave you.
My horns are trying to pop out with all the shenanigans I might have subjected him to if I'd the f's to give to such matters. "May I record this so I can reflect on it later?" ??

Qualia Level 8 July 21, 2018

A lot of them are all the same. I once knew a man who thought himself a preacher and a prophet. Both of us at that time were in a cult-like group that was THE true religion. When I left he stayed because he wanted to be a preacher and a profit.

DenoPenno Level 8 July 21, 2018

Probably not worth the effort. You don't need to think like them, they don't need to think like you. Great for stimulating debate to sharpen the intellect but when it gets to ad hominim name calling best walk away. No intellectual purchase there.

Geoffrey51 Level 8 July 21, 2018

Bloody let him ramble on next time, see where he take it and record him!

Selkie Level 3 July 20, 2018

Wait, you let a priest into your house? And you were alone?? Me thinks you are far too friendly with the wrong people, Friendlycatladysmile001.gif

rlenahbo Level 4 July 20, 2018

Hell is any easy argument. The Jews do not believe in hell. Hell is a catholic creation. In fact it has been admited by catholic priests.

Etre Level 7 July 20, 2018

I hope you told him to stay away?

LucyLoohoo Level 8 July 20, 2018

Some people are willfully ignorant. They honestly choose to think in magical terms. This guy sounds like he’s more interested in using his knowledge of religion and his position to get down your pants. He’s probably only mercenarily Christian. It reminds me of the catholic priests that Martin Luther had a problem with.

Gatovicolo Level 7 July 20, 2018

Why are these smug religious pricks so consumed with religion? It's like they can't go one minute a day without mentioning something pertaining to God or the bible. Do they have that shitty a personality?


Destined to go to a place which we don’t believe exists by a god there is no evidence for. Hmmmm. Show that dude the door. ?

Mikeb56 Level 7 July 20, 2018

Next time someone says that, come back with, "if hell exists, Satan's afraid I'm gonna take over. He'll just toss me a coal & tell me to start a place of my own."


When a believers last words are you are going to Hell, it is because they have run out of argument. It is their version of, "Well...well.... FUCK YOU."

Sticks48 Level 9 July 20, 2018

Yes! Either that or they yell, "You're an idiot, who wouldn't recognize the truth if it slapped you in the face!"

Yes!!!! Lol


First off, just randomly having neighbors over as replacements for friends and family is culturally tumorous because it encourages stupid behavior. What is the value of friendship if it is given away cheaply and to any old person. like halloween candy? Have your actual loved ones over your house. Tell your doofy pastor neighbor to get a life and stop pretending like your home is his home.

If your rebuttal of a very easy to disprove idea is to talk about how practitioners of that idea were going off of that idea to be evil people, then I can see why you lost the normative component of the argument.

Your argument was essentially "This idea is bad because people who believed it were bad". This is blatantly fallacious because it is not keeping to the point. Absolutely nobody takes an L for not agreeing with that.

What is wrong with approaching religion with attention, and logical thinking? It's not hard to point out the fallacies of religion. Sorry, but you deserved the less than graceful outcome of that conversation.

For the future, I am going to make it easier for you, so when you have your second discussion with him, you can actually explain to him why his beliefs are ridiculous. It is absurd that we have this whole community of irreligious people who don't even understand why irreligiousness has become the new peak of theosophical knowledge. I blame hormones in the milk and too many superbowl commercials, personally.

  1. There are different levels of logical argument. The only necessarily true level consists of strong induction, "thus", "ergo" and "therefore" conclusions. No religious argument is able to use strong induction to prove the existence of God, so thus they don't hold logical beliefs.

  2. Ask him to prove that God exists, and everything else about his religion. Reply with the reasons why his arguments are fallacious without being overly formal-your critique should clearly point out the nonsensical thinking in his beliefs.

  3. Walk through the fallacies in the Bible with him. I recommend buying a copy, and then just showing him why each passage is ridiculous. Try not to pick silly subject matter like wearing mixed fabrics, because Christians, being the low-IQ version of Jews, either don't know what fabrics are, cannot read, or don't follow that rule.

  4. It is likely that your pastor friend cannot read. Please kindly remind him that there are six methods of interpreting the Bible, and that thusly, nobody actually knows what it means, even in the highest Christian clergy.

  5. Speak calmly. Don't use forceful speech, don't use forceful or invasive body language, don't talk at him. Just listen completely, speak attentively, and say everything that needs to be said. If you try to get heated and rant at him, then he's not going to listen and you will just register as another crazy irreligious. This is part of the normative reason why religious people don't like the concepts of atheism, agnosticism, etc. They think that you have to be a crazy, feral, immature and dumb person to be in those communities. In actuality, they are just there to make intelligent people laugh.

DZhukovin Level 7 July 20, 2018

Actually, you didn't hear the convo., and I didn't attempt to portray the entire argument. I did cite numerous critical thinking points, and also asserted the many reasons why belief in gods, and creationism are inherently irrational and illogical. I knew I'd be criticized for allowing this person into my home, but I live in a very small rural neighborhood, where people know their next door neighbors. Communication, and cooperation amongst close neighbors is normal, and usually helpful here.


Lol sneaked that one on me, didn't ya? You just like attention. I don't mind it.

@DZhukovin My argument was NOT that evil people believed, as you stated. My argument was that despite his claim, that Christianity promotes moral behavior, it's EFFECT is the opposite. Taken in it's entirety, the intent is not relevant. The FACT that is has been the direct cause of millions, if not billions of horrible crimes against humanity proves it to be false. That was my point, and, by the way, it was extremely successful, as he was completely stunned, and had absolutely no come back, except to retort that I was still going to hell. I will defend myself, so long as you continue to try to use suggestive, and hidden assertions against me.


You are going to hell


He's trying to convert you and get some.
He's a hypocrite and a degenerate.
Nothing would make me happier than to have someone like that put themselves in the position of having to listen to me tell them ALL about them.

KKGator Level 9 July 20, 2018

Agree. Ain't they all? I guess instead of trying so hard to be neighborly, I should just say "No thanx!" Thing is, I'm a single women who sometimes relies on neighbors to help with basic things, like installing an air conditioner, or light fixture. I kept insisting on paying him, but he instead, preferred to hold it over me, making subtle insinuations. He even said, "I bet you thought I was going to ask you for sex"! Better to hire a professional if you can find one who will do it. My post was also meant to demonstrate the blinkered thinking of people like this, and how they can't see or refuse to see how narrow minded they are. They only rely on one book for all their information. Had no clue about the effects of their beliefs on mankind.

@friendlycatlady Well yeah, they suck.


In the mind of the religious there is no delusion.

Isaac Newton was a hardline christian and he wrote prayers in his mathematical texts. You just haven't seen the light of Jesus Christ, yet.

@DZhukovin None of us have seen "the light" unless "the light" is knowledge. (Hey that was good). I have seen evidence of gravity though.

@DZhukovin Clergyman believed Isaac to be delusional. But he had more evidence than they did.

@PeacefulChaos Gravity is a conspiracy by liberal democrats to steer this country away from the teachings of the Bible. There is no scientific evidence to prove it even exists.


Why is he without his wife? Sounds like he wanted more than conversion or conversation. Tell him he can help you find peace by shutting the hell up.


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