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Being Comfortable is Not Good For Business

sassygirl3869 9 July 20

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"THEY" want us to be fatted THEY can manipulate us and control us. I like being out of THEIR control. RESISTANCE!!!


What we are talking about her is what do we really need. It has been mentioned is correct, we buy much more than we need and what we are buying probably will not actually do anything other than make the seller rich. We need to realize what we really need and purchase that, educate ourselves as to what we are being sold which does nothing but transfer our wealth to someone else and just stop doing that. There is a mentality that in order for something to work we need that one thing that will provide some support for that rather than thinking about what we are doing and innovate a solution. What is being comfortable, what is needed to provide this?


This also applies to those snake oil sales people. Surely they must see that they themselves are included in this scenario.


It’s the whole reason we meditate.


If every woman woke up in the morning feeling satisfied with who she is and what she has many businesses would go out of business.

well it does not help that we grow up in consumerist society and not only that, but society were one is never good enough, besides the tv ads that keep on perpetuating the lie how ugly, smelly, and fat you are, there is the other side to it of competition ..and it is all a lie and shit...but .......

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