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Tell us something that might be considered contradictory about yourself.
I'm terrified of heights. Throw in some instability and I become a frozen wreck. So one year, I decided to confront my fears and do a static line jump. In the plane, my coach tells me to sandwich the wall of the plane between my hands. I did. Then he says, "Now, when I tell you to, I want you to step off." I'm feeling all sorts of awkward, with this ginormous pack on my back, in this crowded plane (but I'm the only one doing a static line jump). "Step off." He says. No hesitation, I just went out of the plane at 6000'. Scary as that was, dancing still scares me more.

chalupacabre 8 July 20

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I am very even tempered and my default setting is "pleasant." Until someone breaks trust. That makes me lose my temper. I only learned this about myself this past year, three months before my 61st birthday.

Deb57 Level 8 July 20, 2018

@ProudMary From your profile I think the two of us are alike in quite a few ways. šŸ™‚


The only thing I can think of is sexual. That's private.

Well said.

Thank you.


I am afraid of heights so I choose to do antenna maintenance on the high seas on every ship I was stationed on in the Navy. I am afraid of needles, will never get a tattoo or be a junkie. I am the most romantic man and yet being in a serious relationship it is always a headache. Not a heartache. Heart never broken... don't think the woman been born capable. I don't swing the other way so... only women can try. I used to hangout with communists and yet I held a Top Secret Security Clearance for 20 years while in the military. Never was an issue. I been in both sides of the spectrum and see both sides point of view. My ex wife consider me the most Heartless Man on Earth.... sometimes, do not include first of the month when she gets half of my military pension. I am not afraid of Dying but I love Life way too much. I am a Confirmed Asshole. I am a trip and the funniest dude you can observe... I rather save a life than take it away. And I am Very, very lucky to the point of people think an Angel Watches over Me. I am fully aware my luck will end and I will die one day like everyone else. Arguing with my Son is pointless is like arguying with me. If we are lucky we both walk away in different direction at the same time. Very, very funny if you watch, except for us of course. I don't hate trump, I simply despise him until the moment he dies.

Served with a guy (TS/SCI) who would break out his communist party card, whenever asked

@chalupacabre The Duality of life and a man's character. Lie Detector tests are nothing but exactly that... are you a liar. I remember my last one, the guy told me... I don't care if you used or if you use drugs... all I care about is if you are a Spy, I did something in that test he had never seen before.... I fell asleep during the test. I told him the truth... it is my last one... I have nothing to hide and you scheduled it after lunch, I am very relaxed right about now. Nothing to fear, you know? Passed. And without the clearance I couldn't do my job. It was very hectic to many people regardless of being in the level... simply the test freak them out totally. All branches of the military lost a lot of good people, a lot of great communicators due positive tests and drug use. My job was more important than the use. So I am grateful for that.


I'm on a lot of medication but I hate taking medication.

I'm very lazy and slow, but I also love doing sports

I am very violent for a pacifist

I enjoy being high up but I'm terrified of heights

I'm really kind and love to help others but I used to be in a gang

I've had crazy amounts of sex, both vanilla and wild, but I'm asexual

I'm very smart but I dropped out of H.S. and never went to college. I also flunked algebra II twice.

"I am very violent for a pacifist"...

That's OK, I'm in what's considered a very violent profession, yet I go out of my way to de-escalate situations and resolve issues peacefully.


In a party or reunion you won't "see" / hear me, it terrifies me..... though I have been in front of a class, every day, during 26 years

Answering my own post: It doesn't terrify me to be w/people...but I want approach them unless they approach me first.


I'm a certified, card carrying, coward. To, I guess, compensate, I volunteered for every dangerous flight my unit was tasked with while serving in Vietnam. My crew chief/ door gunner was my opposite in tempermant. We got along great.

People who can walk thru their fears are not cowards


I love riding my yamaha. Some would say I am entirely reckless. I weave in and out of peek hour traffic. Line splitting and speeding, wind in my face, adrenalin's a compulsion. And yet I can't stand being in a crowd. I feel the anxiety racing through me just thinking about it. What is really strange is that the physical feelings of an adrenal rush and an anxiety attack are almost identical. Perhaps it's just the interpretation I put on those physiological symptoms.


I'm a petite, 5' 3" senior woman in appearance yet act more like a nerdy 20-something male.
I dash around at high speed, run across roads, climb cliffs, wade in swamps for recreation when I take bird photos, love to ride the waves, my "car" in Thailand since 2010 was a motorbike, etc.

I see women as a breed apart from me..their love of shopping, eating, talking, etc. puzzles me. The thought of doing things most cis, hetero women call "fun" gives me the willies.


My last name is Hunter and I'm an Ethical never fails to get gasps and laughs when people make the connection! LOL


Hard to think of contradictory things for me have always thought of brave as being afraid and doing what needed to do anyway. Have been accused of being on drugs, on many occasions do not think my bizarre brain could handle drugs.

azzow2 Level 9 July 20, 2018

Iā€™m a photojournalist, but Iā€™m introverted.


I had that fear of heights and then starting doing things like rock climbing and hanging off cliffs 300 andd 400ft on a rope, got into sky diving free falling 10 to 12 thousand feet, I have a lot of jumps for me it's a lot around 40 to some guys I know thats just getting started. flew small planes for a while, I think the real hard thing for me all my life is playing music in front of people, or even being filmed doing it. My hands can get real shaky and sweat and I can make a lot of wrong notes forget words, sometimes I get by and it looks like nothing is bothering me. But a lot of times I feel like I'm falling apart.


I dislike cheese, but love pizza. I find cheese to be bitter and sour by itself.

I'm atheist, but still kinda obsessed with Christianity. It still have a fascination about what I used to believe.

I'm a total hypocrite. When I driving, I am annoyed by rude pedestrians and bicyclists. Yet, when I'm walking I'll jaywalk in front of cars. And when biking, I'll run red lights. I guess I'm just an asshole.


I like most individuals I know, but I hate people in general.

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