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You create a religion... which cartoon character would you pick to be the main ‘image’ of your faith? And why that character?

antman 7 July 21

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There's only one religious leader I want, I say, I want 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 21, 2018

This is the only right answer. Haha!




Cartman and the Supernatural heros.

Give me some of your Jew gold.?


I would pick Brak (from the 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' talk show). He never takes anything seriously, and that's the kind of God I could get behind!

twitch Level 6 July 21, 2018

All hail Brak!


Daffy Duck, because religion is daffy and sarcastic.


I'd say Dexter's elder sister because meddling with the progress of science is her favourite hobby.

DeeDee? Lol. Good choice


Snoopy. He solves conflicts with hugs. Spends his time with his best friend or writing. More than ready for an adventure and ultimately he just wants love. Dog as God would be cool. He even rides a motorcycle....very cool.


Church of the eternal suckhead Alucard


May be veering a little far off of the focus, but if I could pick a video game character, I would pick Michael Altman (Dead Space). If I could pick an anime character, I would pick Goku from Dragon Ball Z. If it had to be even more specifically cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Leo716 Level 6 July 21, 2018

Courage already has a cult following. Good choice.

@antman And I’m proud to admit I’m one of those followers!


Roadrunner has a good past history of living forever, and Wily Coyote along with his Acme Co makes a worthwhile adversary.

Salo Level 7 July 21, 2018

Tom and Jerry, they're always full of surprises.


Tasmanian Devil - gonna be misquoted anyway, may as well go for broke.


the church of live honestly judge dredd just to make sure you do

weeman Level 7 July 21, 2018

I choose a duelistic religion with Ren and Stimpy. See photo my t-shirt.


Asterix and Obelisk - because they are so crazy and funny together they would share main character as they go together so well!

jacpod Level 8 July 21, 2018

I can not even imagine one anything being the image of my faith. It just doesnt make sense to me. Maybe this is why I am not religious.

DeiP Level 5 July 22, 2018

Have you come to Agnostic to recruit new members to your new cult?

Jacar Level 8 July 21, 2018

Maybe....and now looking for logo ideas ?


Elsa, from Frozen. A complete goldmine of followers with disposable income to donate to fill my coffers and keep the castle heating bills paid....


Have you heard of pastafarians? [] This is hilarous.


Beavis and Butthead 🙂


I’d pick bugs bunny or sonic the hedgehog because they were cool and would probably be recognizable to many people.

antman Level 7 July 21, 2018
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