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Hey guys I got my shirt! I haven't been able to be here much in the last few weeks July is a busy month for me. it's my daughter's birthday, my grandson's birthday, and my grandson also graduated and is going off to college. So we've just been busy with parties and celebrating. I also just got back from a nice little vacay in Arizona. But I just want to say thank you for all you kind folks have done for me, and thanks for getting me here to level 8. It has been a blast interacting with you. I have made some good friends along the way too. I appreciate you, this site, and the admin's and I just love my new shirt. ❤️
Xoxo, Carole

CaroleKay 8 July 21

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Good one, looks great! Getting to level 8 and securing that T shirt is on my bucket list. Currently 7.5.

Thank you and good luck to you!


Looking good CaroleKay 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 21, 2018

Xoxo thanks!


Congratulations!!!! I'll get there someday, but yes!! The interactions here have enriched my life as well.


Nice. Well done. 😀


Hello, Gorgeous!!!! Shirt looks great! You look happy!
Busy is agreeing with you!!!

Thank you, xoxo ❤


How can you possibly have a grandchild that graduated high school?!?! You look my age (mid 40s).

She started young. I agree not a day over 40.

Ha ha I love you! My daughters are 28 and 38 and my grandson is 18 it's easy to keep track of at my age because one was born every decade. ? Here they are in an arcade photo booth last night. So proud of them. I will be 60 in January, thank you for the compliment, maybe fourties is the new twenties. Xoxo ❤️.

@CaroleKay What a fun picture!


Well done,I only need about another 46000 points lol


Wecome back, you were missed, oh and nice shirt.

Thanks! I missed you bunches! I got the black so we could be twinsies, lol!


Yay! Congrats!


Looks great! Well done!


Congratulations. You just be careful where you wear that t-shirt. I would not want any harm coming to you from some Christian nutter.

Yeah I don't on my ass kicked or my car keyed. Thankfully I live in a pretty liberal state but I'm loud and proud! ❤️ Thanks bunches.


Looks good.


Grats. 🙂


Beautiful.....and the shirt's nice, too! Happy summer!



But yes , that is a lovely shirt .

....and more ♥!


I need 2 points make level 5 and thats why I shared this comment !

Thank you, here are more points for you! 😀


Looks good! 🙂 can you check the tag and see if it's pre-washed? I generally get larges so if they shrink, they still fit.

I didn't think of that! The tag says 100% cotton but feels nice and soft as if it were pre-washed. It's not mentioned though. Maybe that's a question for @admin. Medium fits me just right. 😀 Thanks!

@CaroleKay They don't seem to shrink after wash/dry. Just like people.


Really nice...Congratulations...


Nice shirt!

Hermit Level 7 July 21, 2018

And you look fabulous in it. =] Congrats!



Vacation, Arizona, parties, fun, you have to be careful I have heard that all these are going to be outlawed. So keep that smile. As long as you can. Glad to hear your doing well and all your people are doing well.

Thanks Xoxo!


Welcome to the 8's. Nice photo. ☺

Thanks! and thanks! 😀




actually was wondering where you were.... NICE! Enjoy your summer.

Lukian Level 8 July 21, 2018

Missed you. ♥

@CaroleKay hope you're also working on great masterpieces as well... can't wait to see some pics of those! Missed you as well.

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