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Price of poverty

Yanya 7 July 21

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Income inequality = poverty. I've been studying worker-owned businesses (worker coops) as a means to correct this. Many boomer businesses are ripe for moving to worker-owned. Take a look at Richard Wolff's work on this:


I'd prefer a different system than capitalism with its many faults, but this is a good interim solution.


The first thing that needs to be done is to address the academics stop making people fail with the flawed education system. Stop discouraging and increase encouraging learning behaviors. Teach people how to succeed and this does not need to be with the set in stone norms. Common sense classes in schools could make the difference to help many to be successful.

azzow2 Level 9 July 21, 2018

I don't disagree, but when your primary needs aren't met, like food, housing and others, its really hard to focus when you are hungry, when you worry how to put food on the table for your family, it is not so simple as education, there is so much before that....not to mention the prevalence of trauma, substance, domestic, physical, sexual abuse in these households ..... I wish it was as simple as education, we are so privileged that we don't think of the most basic needs.


Words of wisdom.


That’s because the top 1% own our government, and thus us and our country. I hate to be a downer, but I really don’t see an end to this, UNLESS the Supreme Court changes its mind on Citizens United. So sad but true. ?


How do you break the circle? That is the question. The answer is likely different for everyone


Very true!! It costs more to be poor.


Cash machines that charge are always in poor areas, low incomes are more likely to get overdrawn byy small amounts still get charged , buying in bulk is cheaper ...more expensive things are the more extras are thrown in the list goes on

Simon1 Level 7 July 21, 2018

Schools do not teach delayed gratification, usury, investing, finance. Parents who are devoid of those lessons, ie great grand children of slavery, illiteracy, Jim Crow, segregation, red lining, etc are disadvantage from inception. A we have provided more information especially on the internet, exposure to the Oracles of wealth may infuse their sphere of inherited poverty with the lessons of success. One sees little of it in our immigrants who have 3 jobs ie steriotypical Jamaicans, those that employ their family to retain wealth ie steriotypical Koreans, purchase franchises ie steriotypacal East Indians Mr. Apu, restaurants ie steriotipical Greeks, ie my grandfather.


That brings a new meaning to 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer'.


Plus it's inherited.


It's a vicious cycle and only getting worse as time goes on.

t1nick Level 8 July 21, 2018
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