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This makes me a little nauseous.... The TV network abc is starting a new TV show in the fall called "God Friended Me". It's about "god" who communicates to people through Facebook. And so the cultural indoctrination of a delusional belief goes on......

By AwarenessNow7
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Good grief another one.....sigh smile003.gif They always seem to do so well.....not! smile002.gif


You could always do what I'm going to do. Ignore the show completely. There have been shows like this before and most of them didn't even last ONE season. If anything, it should make you laugh at their hubris.


There is a "God" page on Facebook and it's hilarious. If that's the God page talking to people, I'm fine with that. The admin of that page has sense of humor, logic, and is kind.

Mariv357 Level 5 July 22, 2018

And I'm pretty sure that particular god is atheist. ?

@GinaMaria me too. ?


The media companies, advertising agencies, and their corporate sponsors are all in it for the money and are not at all above pandering to the religious demographic.


It depends on what they do with it. Im sure they will do ignorant prostheletizing. But wouldnt it be awesome if they had god friend people on facebook then everyone started confronting him for all the immoral shit god did in the bible and all the evil shit he allows in the world supposedly as part of his "master" plan. That would be hillarious.


The idea they stole off the real facebook god who is actually an athiest .....gotts love the irony

Simon1 Level 7 July 22, 2018

Seems to me they are reducing God to fodder for a sitcom, placing it in the realm of fiction,.Just one more show I won’t be watching, If anyone takes a show like that seriously they’re already so far down the rabbit hole that no one could ever pull them out anywa, even the deluded need to be entertained once in a while, LOL


I understand your dislike and share it. Shows like this do well, usually, and I’m sure this will be no different. People so want a simpler time and someone who can give us the answers. I’m stretching to be understanding of them but unsure why. I’m hoping we are kind of moving away from religious belief (obviously).

rainmanjr Level 7 July 22, 2018

"God Friended Me"--not as good as "Mr. Ed the Talking Horse," but better than "My Mother the Car."


Patience please, it's just a fad that will go away.

MacTavish Level 7 July 22, 2018

God Friended Me


The Ghost In The Machine


And the mindless right will eat it up.

You’re right in that the show will probably be a hit. Many such shows before it have been hits so there’s no reason to suspect this will not. More people, today, identify as unreligious but minds can change.
You’re wrong in saying they are mindless. Many are, just like many on the left, but more are just pragmatically cold. God gives them cover to be cold in societal matters and they like that cover.
I almost hope we’re wrong and Thou does exist. If so, and Jesus is also there, then I believe these folks will fry alongside us. That will be funny (laughing at them for eternity).


This is above and beyond the most craziest thing I ever heard what is Facebook turning into a religious group?

Sheannutt Level 9 July 22, 2018

That reminds me how I hate television.

rogueflyer Level 7 July 22, 2018

I work in TV/movie industry...

Exactly I do not watch broadcast TV

@BBeberstein I watch PBS and underwrite a show. PBS and short stints on the news show Fareed Zakaria are all I watch. Please tell me you're doing something worthwhile.

@iamjc No as an underwriter for PBS you donate / advertise for a program and receive credit / advertisement.

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