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How do you guys deal with anger? I feel quite angry at my christian upbringing. I deal with it by exercising. WARNING: ABOUT TO POST IN ANGER. All religions suck. I don't know why we need to put up with religious people. I enjoy science. I would probably become a mad scientist if I could. I'm going to sleep.

czechlervitz87 3 July 22

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breathe deeply and let it pass, then deal with whatever caused it.


Religion sucks, but there is concern with tying your upbringing to hate. We can’t choose that. We learn from it and turn it in to a positive thing. I am much more enlightened when it comes to bringing up my own children. I couldn't possibly hate my parents for thier beliefs, it just is what it is.


It ok to feel angry and disappointed with your upbringing. You are human. It sounds like you have found a good outlet. Just don’t spend too much time setting with your anger.
I’m sure that your parents thought they were doing what was right. Some people don’t seem to have the ability to question generations of belief and have been taught that to do so is wrong.
I truly believe every person is doing their best with what they have (experience, intellect or lack of, ).


Early childhood development is not a choice of the child, but the child – and the world – has to live with the consequences of that upbringing.
(I state the bleeding obvious not to you, but to those who are not familiar with this idea.)
I was brought up as a Catholic, and it did the opposite of preparing me for a worthwhile life.
The three lessons I learned were 1. Turn the other cheek. 2. Be good and go to heaven. And 3. Be bad and go to hell for eternity.
Be angry. You have earned the right.


Sleep tight then..... There is always a better day ?


Wear it like a badge of honor and be proud of it!


I've learned from my mother, anger only comes to those who has lack of knowledge. A knowledgeable person hardly gets angry.
Ex: A man was is getting married, on his reception it started raining and spoiled the entire event. Which made the man angry. But at the same time there were many who was praying for rain.


Some anger is justified. I'm not sure that it should be stifled. My way of reducing anger is to look at how many people suffer very badly - born in the wrong place, to hopeless or dangerous parents etc. All these things and a general look at the newspapers make me realise that I'm not a serious victim, just somewhere average on the bell curve of suffering humanity.


Channel it. Get political; when asked, atheism is my driving political force. Join the closest atheist organization around, or start one. Cross the god graffiti off your money, grind it off larger coins. Donate to organizations promoting or allowing freethought, making work more rewarding.. And remember - you’re not alone ~

Varn Level 8 July 22, 2018

I agree.


What exactly are you angry about?

Xena Level 6 July 22, 2018

Get yourself and one of your buddies to play door-to-door athiest.



@Varn When and how you deal with "anger" is your choice. I hope you don't blame something else or somebody else... your call.

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