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Why the Christian Right has Embraced Putin

Hits the nail on the head about the new alliance between Christian right and Trump and Putin. Might we dare hope that at the end of the day the Christian Right will be as damaged as Trump, for their hypocrisy and shallowness.

Key paragraph:

"American fundamentalists admire his anti-LGBTQ crusades, his revival of the Russian Orthodox Church, his “family values” lip service, his bare-chested manliness. The GOP, observed Butina in The National Interest, a conservative foreign-policy publication, “derives much of its support from social conservatives … and those that support an aggressive approach to the war against Islamic terrorism. These are values espoused by [Putin’s] United Russia.”

Most of all, they admire Putin’s strength — and they’re glad at last to have an American leader who hits just as hard, even if he may be nearly as corrupt."

David1955 8 July 22

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That is disturbing.


I am sure that they would especially like the current lyrics to the Russian National Anthem , which describes Russia as being a holy country protected by God

, to the chagrin of atheists , and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation [] .

Soviet music used with these new lyrics.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Vova is the nickname) represent a right-leaning authoritarianism, based on nationalism, "traditional values," and efforts to make Russia relevant following its 1990s' weakness. In part reminiscent of Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III), he represents a type of corporatism. He comes from the siloviki (members of security-military). These American right wingers do not know anything about the history or culture or who this man is and what he truly epitomizes. He is not really religious but he works with the conservative Orthodox Church to exploit its connections with the many small villages throughout the vast Russian Federation.

Yes! And if THEY really knew...that would give them a ‘real’ fear of ‘hell!’ But, never worry..,God is own their side and they are protected!!! It is all about the ‘Lords’ work!

Putin is manipulating the Church there. The Church leaders accept it because of the greater influence, but he is not religious at all.


I read about that earlier and it made it clear to me that it is their Christian agenda that they are supporting! The Christians have made it their life’s work, ‘to spread the gospel to every corner of the earth!’ However, they simply do not understand the Russian historical and social complexity! THEY...are being used! And, easy targets...THEY are, because on the whole, they are not critical thinkers! They follow rules, and their ‘clan!’ AND, they are willing to ‘die’ for those 2 ideas! The ‘rest,’ of us, be damned!

It's a real shame that obliging them their "reward" is considered illegal.



Nope. When this all goes south (and it will, eventually), 45 is exposed, and
Putin goes wherever Putin goes, the religutards will just give themselves a
"mulligan" and keep on truckin'.
That's what they do.

@TheAstroChuck 45 and Putin will both eventually meet their ends. They're human, it's inevitable.
The religutards, on the other hand, can conceivably go on, and are likely to.
It's easy to kill people, harder to kill ideas. Especially really, really bad ones.

@TheAstroChuck No worries. Anytime. 😉

@KKGator ideas are indeed hard to kill as you say, both good ones and bad ones. The whole human struggle, it seems to me, is about the struggle between good and bad ideas.

@David1955 Quite right.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Christian Right has lost its mind.

Their minds were "lost" from the get-go.

It is the same one they have always had...they were just able to put big MONEY behind it and force it into the mainstream!

Indeed. When regressive thinking takes over the mind, a kind of madness inevitably follows.

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