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Sometimes I wish I could just be religious. It makes things so much easier for people, thats why people join a church. I moved to an area where I know no one. Shortly after moving in my wife developed a disorder that prevents her from driving. We have a 6 year old daughter and getting her to and from school and all related activities when you work a job that starts at 5 am and is over when the work is done is becoming unbearable. Everyone’s answer when I complain is that I should join a church and that there are alot of church groups that can help with stuff like this. I just wish I hadn’t ever moved out of the city for this job. Now back to reality.

By Dylan_Davis3
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This won't help one bit as the wrong people are reading it, but I'll say it anyway. This is where most religious tribes reveal themselves to be closed communities where people who don't share their beliefs are actively discriminated against. A benign religious community should include people of all faiths and none, and all who need help should be offered it with equal willingness and care (and with absolutely no intension or expectation of conversion by any members of that community). A benign Christianity would encourage non-Christians to join its churches and not expect them to have anything to do with the religious side of things. Do any of them offer such membership in order to become open communities where all good people are valued and bigotry is banned? If so, what's being done to spread this approach to all other churches? Agnostics and atheists are generally ready to help others without asking or caring what they believe in, so we should be involved in such open communities, and if we aren't already linked up with the people around us who are of the same open mind in that regard, we should be setting something up to lead by example (in places where we have sufficient numbers).


WHY? The religious work dealio with the god is never done or completed... is like shit, no matter how much you crap there will still be shit tomorrow.


I am so sorry to hear of your situation. As a mother of 5 children and a great-g- grandmother, I would curtail all but what is absolutely necessary for your child! A stressed out parent is harmful to a young child (even when we can’t help it). Your child is being imprinted, by your actions, good and bad! It is not wise enough yet, to separate good actions out of the stress or to know that this is about my parents problem and I don’t need to worry! Your child’s, brain is being developed with what it is being exposed to, now! Save your energy for relating to your child, as in reading, walks and even the chores a family has. Hopefully your spouse’s condition will improve, very soon! And, less stress helps everyone! Keep it simple, if you one will win! Make an adventure out of where you live, hopefully there are a few interesting things, that you as a family can explore! At least nature! Good luck.


You could just fake it like many people do. But I know it would be annoying to have to listen to those people.

RaulPerez Level 7 July 22, 2018

Pretend and take advantage of what church activities can offer. I imagine a lot of church goers do just that.

jlynn37 Level 8 July 22, 2018

Do any of the neighbors have kids in her grade that could give her a ride or help out with school stuff. Check with the school and the PTA/PTO


depending on where you are there are different resources. meals on wheels is pretty much run by the churches but is non religious and doesn't require being a part of a church. My parents home town, they have transportation assistance run by multiple churches in town. The churches oversee it, volunteers don't have to be associated with any of the churches and people utilizing the service don't have to be members of any churches. Check with social services in whatever county you're in for resources.

Dougl35534 Level 6 July 22, 2018

Is there a Unitarian church? I have never been to one, but I've heard they aren't dogmatic.

CallMeDave Level 8 July 22, 2018

I went to one a couple of times. I liked it. They talked about normal things. And it was located on the banks of the Mississippi river, with a glass wall so you can see the river. That was in Memphis Church on the River.

They are amazing. I was a member for a while. They could definitely be an option.


I wish I could help. I would happily drive a little to give you a break.


sounds shitty dude hope things change for the better for you and your family

weeman Level 7 July 22, 2018
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