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I am getting closer to level 8. Really tempted to throw controversial comments that would help me collect points like wild fire. I might, stay tuned. Regardless, few topics for my own personal reasons are off the table, Gun control is one of them. Anyhow, the safest bet to get angry messages faster than speed of light would be to start a conversation about........ Fill the blank please

IamNobody 8 July 22

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Do you have any idea of the responsibility you will bear as a level 8?

I thought not. You need to rest for a few days and think if you have the time to commit to this honor.

JacarC Level 8 July 22, 2018

Any comment helps to collect points so, thanks weird dude !!!


The conservative group on this site...the one I hostπŸ˜‰ Just the mere mention of that group would cause quite a few folks on here to barf.

Yup, that may take me to the 50K milestone ?


Here's a few points for you ?

Hey, any help is welcomed !! Thx


At least getting close to level 8. Which is quite an accomplishment. Im still trying reach level 7. Which is taking forever.

Ah no worries, if you're actually having fun then you'll see how time flies !!


Stop being tempted and do it the right way, so you can stand tall and be proud that you got that t-shirt honestly.

I've been honest for 48,000 points... I will tarnish my reputation for the last 2000 and I don't want the T-shirt anyway. I would love to have one but my privacy is more valuable than a T-shirt. Thanks for your comment anyway.


Do you think I care ! Post it andnI will support it !

I don't think and kind of know that you won't and that's the beauty of this site, that's your choice and only yours, nobody else ?

Here are some more pojnts for your journey !

@VAL3941 yee-huuu !!!! ?

And some more. I am generous hey !

@VAL3941man, we are on a roll here !!!!! .... Someone please stop us !!! ??

Here are some more, enjoy !

@VAL3941 ok, I am starting to feel guilty now.... ??

Here are some more ! Don't be silly !

@VAL3941 from this point going forward is just gravy !!

Here are some more. Have you got there yet !

@VAL3941 not yet... It feels like it is downhill from here now.... ?

Good ! Here are somd for you !

@VAL3941 man, you're on a mission !! ???

Not really just like to help as I was helped. So here are some more !

@VAL3941 well, I'll take it. At this pace you will take me up to level 10 in due time !!! ?

Here are some more. I am getting on into 8.2 !

@VAL3941 damn, I need to come up with more ideas to collect faster then !!!

It gets really gard after 8. But tske some pojnts here !

@VAL3941 man, I truly admire your dedication !! Thx !!

Go for it buddy, you deserve it. Here are some more !

@VAL3941 down to the last stretch... This is excruciating now ?????

Nonsense, it is piece of cake ! Help yourself to more !

@VAL3941 done !! ????

Congrats so get some more. You are on your way !

@VAL3941 oh I can smell the finish line now !!!

Thought you were there already ! Take more

@VAL3941 nope, sorry to disappoint you ? I hope you're having as much fun as I am ?

Not really but like being helpful. Take some more !

@VAL3941 ha ha ha man you should see my cracking a smile every time .... I see what you're doing... Getting really close now and who will get to send the last response before I hit the mark, right? Game on !!! ( And thanks one more time for all the help !! This is probably a Guinness record by now !! )

Nope it is not. You are seeing something that is not there. You want the last response, you got it, take some points for your effort !

@VAL3941 is not that I want it either, we are gambling here, isn't that just fun? Thanks !!

I am not gambling, not in my nature.

@VAL3941 ok, you've been so helpful... No more gambling comment then..... ?


Start with saying, 'Trump is the best POTUS we ever had'...... LOL

That will be one of the topic, you bet. I wouldn't say the best (he is not a politician, for starters) but I would say he is probably the one that have endured the most negativity ever.


Post a bunch of music videos. Really awful ones generate more comments. Suggestion: Billy Squeir "Rock Me Tonight".

Too easy... I like to write and steer things

That’s funny!!!


Sh*t starter - ?

And proud too ??


Why not post something like music, trivia, cartoons, etc.

That doesn't sale... Controversy does ?


Be mean, mysogynistic, racist - whatever it takes to get the virtue-signallers posting.

I'm sure it can all be justified. After all, it is a t-shirt, and not just any old t-shirt.

Interesting point, I don't even want the T-shirt. I did set the goal to get to level 8 and I will, I am a goal achiever individual, even when I am having fun.


tp on the dispenser roller thingy or freeform?

you're on to me. But you forgot star wars vs trek

@CallMeDave i was beginning with the relatively less inflammatory issues... there's no reason to unnecessarily upset anyone here.... if the TP issues are unresolved, you're ability as a couple to ever deal with things like Star Trek vs. Star Wars will be compromised. baby steps.

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