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Could Obama run again in 2020? I know he is not up for it as he is not a dictator, but wouldn't that be SWEET

Mooolah 8 July 23

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No, a person can only have two terms as president. Since Roosevelt.


We’d have a civil war before that could happen!

Yes because the 22nd Amendment prevents it so to defy our Constitution that might just happen. As with the current POTUS, if he refuses to leave office after a 2nd term the same could happen.

Tell me, what kind of job do you think Trump is doing? What did Obama do specifically to gain your scorn?

@Tranjan61 Some believe we are on our way to civil war with Putin's Pet tRump in office.

@GuyKeith Look at the thumb nail. Does this look like a person that can think. He is a militia guy trying to look like a SS who my father fought against as a real patriot not as Mr. Bone Spurs who claims to be a tough guy. I would enjoy an arm wrestle with him. You too GuyKeith but I would let you win.

@Countrywoman Well, I was going to be nice for a while. I saw the NRA. That is not encouraging for objectivity.

@Countrywoman Arm-wrestle? I have like 10" wrists. 🙂


Could he run but not be elected and innaugerated


The 22nd Amendment would prevent this.


Obama's Presidency was squandered by racism and his decision to take the very high road. I wish he had been tougher on his enemies. Goat knows they did not hold back on him.

It was a conspiracy by the GOPPERS leadership. oppose on everything all the time everywhere. Make his presidency an abject failure. He prevailed anyway in some areas. We must prevail in November. There is something wrong with this POTUS.


Oh my how the nation would love that. No, he cannot run again but the issue now is the mid term
ON one can ignore voting this time around.

EMC2 Level 8 July 23, 2018

It's not legal. And he has said he's not interested.
But yes, it would be great to have another progressive leadership.

He was mostly centrist and did many things I didn't like, for example drones bombing in other countries.

I was happy a black man won. But, wanted someone really progressive.

@EdEarl I agree. But I'll take whatever I can get to push the needle in the progressive direction.

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