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Met a guy today while I was hiking that was mushroom hunting. It is something that I know nothing about. Are there any mushroom hunters here? How often do you hunt mushrooms and how do you prepare them to eat?

Shelton 8 July 24

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They disintegrate when you shoot them.


I find this to be a useful and portable resource:

Happy hunting! It's fun!


I have a friend who hunts mushrooms in our area in the spring. The marsh around the corner from you is a great spot for morels. Shrooms (the psychoactive ones) are not commonly found in the wild in our area, but if you want some, you know a girl ? I'll ask my friend what varieties would be worth hunting right now...

@Shelton I'll have to ask my friend if she ever hunts there. She talks about marshes a lot.

@Shelton I texted you. Not super keen on giving out such location specific info publicly.


I used to do a bit of it when I lived in PA. It could rapidly become a fascinating hobby or a lethal one! 😀


I could do it in a survival situation. The most important thing if you do not what you are looking at, leave them alone. Even just touching a toadstool can poison you. Best is to have gloves. If you break open a toadstool it will have a dynamic color change an indication of poison. The best mushrooms grow on oak trees cooked properly the texture is just like meat. It is just best to assume the fungi are poison and they are deadly. []

azzow2 Level 9 July 24, 2018

Another example of me wondering how I survived being so goofy


You shoot them with rubber bands, right?

godef Level 7 July 24, 2018

I have read a book on hunting mushrooms. One of the writers rules was never hunt mushrooms in parks or along trails. He said these because people bring dogs with them, and dogs might piss on the mushrooms in the park or along trails.

Made a mental note. And here I thought picking them out of cow dung was gross.

@CoastRiderBill very true about the poison mushrooms, but I don't want to eat dog piss


I hunt morels in early spring. They are the only variety that I'm confident of identifying.

Strabo Level 6 July 24, 2018

Do you need an AR-15 to hunt them? Oh! How bad was that? Must be the THC.

No creo en Dios!


In mid-May, we find Morel mushrooms in the mountains. Saute' with butter and oil and WOW! Delicious.

In Washington State, professional Morel mushroom hunters strip the woods in burned, coniferous forests. We find Morels the day after it rained, near a stream, often beside a burned stump. Morels are hard to spot because they match the detritus on the forest floor.

@zeuser is correct. False Morel mushrooms are poisonous. Go with someone who knows how to identify mushrooms, and which are safe to eat.




Morels are the best-tasting mushrooms I have eaten. Sauteed, they have a deep, rich taste. Morels do not taste meaty.

Rinse them well before cooking, to remove dirt and ash from the crevices.

"Please cook your morels. Chitin is the building block of mushroom cells. It is quite difficult for people to digest. Cooking allows your body to gain the full benefits of the mushrooms while greatly enhancing their taste. In addition, some people get very ill eating raw morels."



Only time I picked mushrooms was when I was 16. Went with a friend and her 2 friends to a cow pasture in Miami Lakes. I followed their lead and recall them telling me what not to pick, but not the specifics. Being a total nerd who was clueless I thought it was like having a beer. Never thought of it as hunting since they just grew in or near cow dung..we made spaghetti with a tomato sauce and lots of mushrooms. Now if we had gone for more after eating them, I would definitely consider it hunting


Psylocybin mushrooms like cow patties, FYI. ?

zeuser Level 8 July 24, 2018

@Shelton you gotta go before the sun comes up. Or so I am told. ?

maybe in the states but over here the species we have finds them to acidic talking of which cpl of months and i will be out in the fields pretending to look for my lost keys 🙂

@Shelton you should have someone with you who knows the deal. they are fantastic.

@Shelton it was scary. I ate a Lot and was high way after everyone else wasn't. I did not like being out of control.


First, you've got to know what you are looking for. A mistake can kill you quickly. Second, mushrooms are the reproductive part of a fungus that devours dead organic material, and different ones like different kinds of dead trees. So if you find a dead oak, chances are good that's a sheepshead you see growing on it. Third, they like cool and damp, so under a forest canopy is a good place to look, and I usually go in early autumn. Plenty of good beginner mycology resources around, Google can help. How to cook? Literally an infinite number of ways, and different varieties have different flavors and textures, but you can sauté with onion and garlic in butter, add to savory sauces, use in stir fry, stuff with crab and cheese and bake, etc. . Again, Google can show you plenty of recipes. Happy hunting!

zeuser Level 8 July 24, 2018

This makes having them again inviting


Was his name Gargamel perchance?


I eat a few mushrooms back in the 60's they were raw and not cooked. never hunted them, somehow they just found their way to me.

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