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It does seem so

HippieChick58 9 July 27

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Republican ideology is just a broader version of the old southern red-necks' attitude toward women:" Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant." In other word, keep them under-educated, subservient, and without resources. That way, people unhappy with the situation cannot challenge you.


I'm fairly educated. But I have schizo-affective disorder, so I'm pretty medicated.

But I do know what you mean. It seems that the education system has been going down hill for decades.


We can Fix that.


Can you really picture people sitting down around a table at a conference and actually saying this? It would involve mentalities that are cynical and depraved to an extreme degree. Or perhaps they see the multitudes as ignorant masses that need to be controlled for their own good and the good of the world.


"Opiate of the masses," isn't a meaningless phrase.


That's how l want me too. ?


Not sure..I mean if they really wanted a passive overmedicated underclass they would probably legalise marijuana and cannabis IDK..just thinking out loud...

Big Pharma doesn't have a cut of marijuana. Gotta satisfy Big Pharma at all costs.

Personally, I've thought for sometime they should distribute cannabis to any/all state and federal inmates who want it. I'd bet that would cut down on prison violence.


Yea ..its an epidemic in the states..but not so in Europe..It really should be sanctioned.


A clear statement of Republican policy. It makes it easier to manipulate and use people.

Right on!

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