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Hey Ladies, Please explain this to me... Why do women always use men’s restrooms?

I understand that you have to pee and the line for the women’s restroom is too long... I get it!

It really doesn’t bother me when women use the stalls in the men’s restrooms.

But why do women insist on using the urinal’s?

Y’all look cute and all, trying to use a men’s urinal...

But let’s agree... y’all look fucking goofy ?, especially when the restroom is full of guys and you’re the only gal in the room... Performing this silly circus act...

Some of y’all have some pretty amazing skills and can pull this stunt off. Ha Ha

Other women just make a mess! Ha Ha

Had to pee!!! All that was available was a men's urinal! When a girls gotta go a girls gotta go!

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Jc007 6 July 27

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30 years ago instead of peeing in my pants I barged into the men's room as the line for the ladies room was as if they were giving away Elvis tickets. This was a shock to many men there. I guess times have changed. I used the stall & left. I was threatened with arrest by security. But I am sure that would have been a waste of taxpayers money. Cleaning up a puddle at the concert would have been worth tax payers money. My choice made tax payers money a mute point.

I'm stealing the Elvis reference! Thanks!

@Jc007 Phylis Schaffley defeated the ERA in Illinois by using unisex bathrooms as a issue.
Illionois defeated the amendment which would have given women equal protections that we can't seem to secure from our government. "I am woman hear me roar" November & 2020.


Seriously, how many of you men have actually walked in on a woman using a urinal? I really want to know! When I've been to very large all woman conferences where all the men's rooms have been converted to women's rooms, they put potted ferns in the urinals.

Carin Level 8 July 30, 2018

You know who does that? Drunk bitches. The stall is one thing but using a urinal? That's gross

Yeah it's gross when men use them too.

@Carin I agree


I have gotten really good at peeing standing up after years of camping in places with snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas. I believe I could do it without making a mess.

@Jc007 My most favorite pees were taken under the stars! I love camping and hiking and being a part of nature. It's how I reset myself. I don't think I could date somebody who wasn't into being outdoors with me in new places as often as possible. I have no shy. If the (camping) neighbors and/or wildlife don't want to watch me pee, they can look away.

Have u used a urinal then

@jackiej786590 I haven't but I would if needed


I have never once used the urinal in the men's room. Stall. yes.

@irascible i probably should have mentioned I'm only 5'1". Depending on heights of urinal....i don't sit on public toilet seats as a rule. With my height...or lack thereof, not risking it.

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