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It has been windy today. All the palm trees are pointing north. Do you think it is a sign?

MissKathleen 9 July 28

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Winter is coming??


10% chance of rain?


I think it is definitely a sign it's windy.


Yes, it means "Go north young lady"


In Washington State, when wind blows from the south it means a weather change.


The trees here point north year round. We have three seasons, wind blows from the north, wind blows from the south and too damn hot for wind.


Yuma.. I’ve little long term experience with the SW.. but love local insight on weather. Actually, I was ultimately ‘headed your way,’ after first checking out Appalachia, and Arkansas … then straight ‘to you.’

I didn’t make it 😕 Fell in love with the Appalachian Mountains, and as someone had confirmed, ‘once they get ahold of you ..they don’t let go.’ And what a day over here.. Low humidity, green ..everything, sweet sunshine and 65 degrees on my front porch…

Varn Level 8 July 28, 2018

@MissKathleen I shouldn’t … and have been told by the locals to stop ‘telling everybody’ 😀


They all want to go someplace cooler.


it's a sign that driving south will take more gas.

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