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50 shades... Yes or no?

GlassDragon 4 July 29

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If you'd posted to Kinky Lifestyles you would have gotten a different response. []

I frankly thought 50 Shades was fairly vanilla. Beware the folks who didn't read the entire series.

Then beware of me. I read the first & was bored to tears & decided I wouldn't put myself thru more of the same in this 'telenovela'. I was asked to finish the first, I figured I was owed big time!


Slogged through about half of the first book. One of the few books I've picked up in my 52 years on this planet that I've failed to finish. Not a single redeemable quality. Not one.


Yes yes yes..


No. No desire to read it or see the movie.

=bore not 4 me


Read a few pages kept thinking the author was illiterate

Simon1 Level 7 July 29, 2018

The first book & movie were okay, but the female lead got dumber & dumber with each sequel, so yuck.

Over thinking.. I mean the life style not the movie.. #failyou

@GlassDragon as you get older and have more life experiences, you should get smarter not go all "girly", imo

@AnneWimsey well you know nothing of me... i am not girly in the least... so shows you what you know... nothing... why even comment when you don't know what the hell your talking about!

@GlassDragon the comment was directed at the FEMALE LEAD IN THE MOVIE, not you.....sheesh!


Own 2 of the movies. Love the characters. Many previous posts on the Book and Movies.


Well, I'm 61, so I'd estimate I've owned closer to 20 or 25 pairs of shades by this point ... a new pair of glasses every 3 to 4 years on average sounds about right.

Oh, you meant ...

Nevermind. I've found sex complicated enough even without kinks.

there is absolutely nothing complicated about sex. Stimulation of nerves in a way that thousands fire simultaneously getting us to the wawa land for a moment. Evolution is awesome. People make it complicated, not the sex, the hoopla needed to get it.

Yawn ... Oh your trying to be funny.. Epic fail

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