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Do you believe in E.S.P?

HardBlues69 7 July 31

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What do you think? I'm thinking of my answer right now.


I'm actually writing this reply using ESP rather than typing it. Also, I notice my coffee has gone cold so I'm imagining fire and projecting that at it - should be hot again in a few seconds. šŸ™‚

Jnei Level 8 July 31, 2018

I knew you were going to post this!


The JREF (James Randi Education Foundation) has for decades now offered 1 million dollars to any one that can prove that they have Psychic powers. Many have tried, now one has ever won.

Most of the so called Pro's that have TV shows and such always refuse to take the challenge. I wonder why?


ESPN, sure. ESP, not so much.


ESP either can be demonstrated, or not. It doesn't matter what I believe about it.

However, I do not believe in it as it hasn't been demonstrated. So there's that.


Not without evidence.


Yes. I made you post this from my secret research lair. Iā€™m also making you think I made this up. And now you are silently swearing at me.

@AviatorJim -- Damn you, Jim. Just ... damn you. Learn to narrow your beam a little so there's less collateral damage.


I knew you were going to ask that...

@Shelton I saw that coming too Shelton...?

@Shelton oh have E.S.P too!

But we both knew that didn't We?


Nope...not until evidence and experimental outcomes

Teter Level 4 July 31, 2018

No. I don't give credence to anything supernatural.


no after well over 100yrs of scientific research (real science) nothing has really stood the constant testing now it seems relegated to woo practicioners or people with a vested interest in it psychics faith healers people who use the word detox etc

weeman Level 7 July 31, 2018

Electronic stability control in cars? Of course.
Extrasensory perception? No.
Extrasensory means without your senses, so what how are you receiving this information? You would have to suppose some kind of mechanism that lets it enter your mind without your senses. There is no evidence for such a thing and it's questionable what it would even mean. Why would anybody believe in such a thing except for wishful thinking?

Dietl Level 7 July 31, 2018

No, but those are my initials.

Hermit Level 7 July 31, 2018

Absolutely. I myself am psychic & even had an oob experience once




No, I don't.


First. For a belly laugh and some wisdom. IMO. I refer again to George Carlin's rant about Angels on Youtube.

Some more would be the Randi Foundation mentioned below.


If you mean supernatural abilities, I definitely don't believe.

If I remember correctly, JREF came across someone who could identify the music on a vinyl record just by looking at it. But it turned out that their knowledge of, I think classical, music was so extensive that they could recognize patterns in the record grooves.

From my point of view that would be ESP, but it's not supernatural.

RichCC Level 7 July 31, 2018

I can tell from a wave form which part of drum kit is being hit. That's not ESP.


I believe in evidence and facts.


Who cares what I believe? Make a case for it.


No, not extra. I believe in sensory perception though. We are taught about the 5 classical senses, but we have many more. Our subconscious brain is a powerhouse, trying to make sense of everything around them. Often it'll take in information and put something together, and then your subconscious will send its epiphany to your consciousness. Most people don't think much of their subconscious, so they think they had some special power or something. I feel like I am more in tune with my subconscious and have been accused of having ESP more times than I'd care for.

If ESP were real, the only thing that'd be extra is that it's extra in terms of the 5 classical senses. If it were real, like telepathy, it would eventually be able to be observed, tested, and recreated through technology.

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