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Show of hands. Who would rather go to the mountains than the beach? Anyone else?

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ProudMary 8 Aug 1

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Well, I showed my hand, but I didn't see it counted in the poll!


I love hiking to alpine lakes surrounded by white glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. After dark, I look up and feel awed by the glowing Milky Way and billions of sparkling stars. We all need more low-level ecstasy in our lives.

Great pictures. I live just 25 miles away from Estes Park, CO. the gateway to RMNP. I visit all the time and hike many of the trails.

@GuyKeith I was just in Estes Park a few days ago. I love that place. Next time I'm in your neighborhood, we should get together for a coffee or lunch.

@Duke Hell yes. My house is your house.

@GuyKeith Same here, pal!


Mountains , cabins and fire pits are where it is at.


I'll take the beach, thank you!


A cabin or cottage in the woods for me, please.


Mountains of course !


Mountains. For pretty much exactly the same reason HippieChick gave.


I am surrounded by both. I ask what can one do at the beach, besides launch a kayak. I much prefer a hike in the mountains.


Mountains nearly every time. But I'll take the beach when the waves are crashing and the wind is howling and there's no one else there.


I grew up in a beach town was in the coast guard and spent most of my life living near a beach. Today I live In the Shenandoah Valley surrounded by mountains and I love every minute of it

Phin Level 6 Aug 2, 2018

If I want the beach experience I'll throw some sand in my underwear and my lunch, sit in front of a fan and try to light a cigarette. Gimme the woods any day

Xena Level 6 Aug 1, 2018

I'm going to have to say mountains. I am palest of the pale, and on the beach there is very little shade. I have about 3 minutes of exposure before sunburn. Being pigment challenged is a pain in more ways than one.

@ProudMary I remember when I was young and foolish, I was warned if I went to the beach not to get sand in my Schlitz.


As much as I LOVE being in and around water, I voted mountains. I just think they possess more natural beauty. Also, I hate sand.

The one thing about beaches that is totally annoying, the sticky sand.

Yes, exactly.


I live in the mountains, so life is pretty damned fine.


To me, the top of a mountain and being at an ocean beach illicit the same reaction. It's almost spiritual.

You see out to the horizon, and you realize that this is just a tiny speck of nothing in the middle of a world that is far more vast than our brain is ready to process. That world is just a tiny speck, invisible in the cosmos. It makes you feel ... I don't know, connected? Like your problems are insignificant, your worries pointless.

The beach wins for me for one reason. Have you ever slept by the seaside? Kick open a window or the door to your balcony and fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore? I've never slept better.

Also mountains are fucking cold, lol.


I say beach but I preferred ocean. The ocean at night with no light pollution revels a sky like none other.

You can get that sky in the mountains too. My best view ever of the starry sky was from the White Mountains in New Hampshire.


That's enough "beach" for me.

@Akfishlady Lake Angeles, it's a little over 4000' up and crystal clear.


Mountains only in case of tsunami.

Too tsunami ?


No vote but I am a sailor... a mountain may take me high but only the blue ocean is going to do it for me. And no better view than pulling into a port and you see the city from a distance in the high seas getting closer, league by league, waves smashing in sand, the smell of salt in the air, seagulls pointing toward a distant spot and you realize it is a nude beach!!! ...and no trees to fuck your view. Sleep tighly mountain people, sleep tightly!

It is more than interesting that human nature draws one to either/or so strongly. For me, it is the mountains, no contest. For others, it is the allure of the ocean. It's all good.

@GuyKeith It is all good, there are those who love the smell of the forest... sounds of birds, the sights. Animals running around free. A well placed cabin away fron civilization... It is all good.


I enjoy both but since I live near the beach. There is nothing like the beach air and sound of the waves. Now a log cabin in the mountains is not a bad thing either.


I like the mountains but the beach is for me.


A mountain lake is my pick!

What she said.


I burn to a crisp in the sun, so the mountains are always friendlier to me...with sunscreen.


Grew up in the cold, ended up in FL and am pretty damned happy about it still - mountains are lovely but for me it's beach all the way. And - finally found a quiet beach without a bunch of nasty tourists, t-shirt shops, and bars (not that I am opposed to bars, but they bring noisy crowds). Playalinda Beach, on the federal land at Canaveral National Seashore. BONUS - at the far end of this beach is a nude beach. 😀


I love both but a beautiful Hawaiian beach will always be my first choice.

Hanalei Bay, on Kauai is to me, the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. Have you been there?

@Condor5 I have and it is actually my favorite island.

@patchoullijulie mine too.


I love the beach. Walking along the wet sand during sunrise and sunsets, collecting shells...playing in the warm water...scuba diving and snorkeling. I own more bathing suits than I do jeans!

I can get to the mountains in less than an hour for a weekend getaway when I am tired of the beach...which is almost never.

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