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Is there ?

By mert3
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not a snowball chance in hell because it does not exsist so can't be a snowball in hell

benhmiller Level 6 Aug 10, 2018

I would rather live my life as though there is no god, and be wrong, than live my life as though there is one and be wrong.

Butterflywndr Level 5 Aug 10, 2018

Yes, a 0.00000000...1 percent chance.

gsiamne Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

Certainty is what religion does. To be an agnostic is to acknowledge that there's no way to know.

skye724 Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

@Flex I completely agree. Uncertainty is freedom to explore and redefine.


I just think we have one life..and usually plenty of time to go ahead and make our minds up on this important issue..I think of Agnostism as a transitional phase..one which I passed through while I was considering the question as to whether God existed or not..

I came to the conclusion that on the balance of evidence..or in this case the lack of any credible evidence..that no god does not exist. IMO.

Hitchens Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

I'm atheist. There is no doubt. I don't want to live my life based on a lie.


Surely it is just our planetary mass ego that says we know it all.

Kismeteer Level 5 Aug 9, 2018

No. I’m saying it’s impossible to know.

Gatovicolo Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

I've heard of all kinds of so called 'miracles' from believers.
If that were true, then how come god has never 'cured' an amputee.

I Think I'll just stick to no, there is no god.

TristanNuvo Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

Or maybe if there’s a god, it doesn’t do the kinds of tricks that people claim it does.

@Hermit With all that is wrong with life on this planet, Things just happen.
If there was a got that was all knowing, and good witch some atrosites that every living that has happened over quite a few centries
and for all of the so called'miracles" some have claimed, not one mention of of amputies geting a limb or so to grow back. not to mention Child abuse, rape, torture, deadly viruses, famine, and many other things, and he doesn't intervine .

So I posture that he doesn't care which wouldn't make him noy all loving. And If he couldn't help, then he iis a sadist, or just doesn' have the power to do some things.

Personally, I chose to accept that there is no such a thing as a ged.

@TristanNuvo Yeah, that's what I'm saying. There could be a god, but its got no awareness of humanity and could care fuck all about what happens on this planet. All that all-loving, all-knowing crap is just wishful thinking.


Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for supper (It really works that way !! )

IamNobody Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

Yup, and there is an equal chance that we should be worshipping leprechauns or the flying spaghetti monster, because why not, it's all meaningless anyway 🍀💦🙍

Jdkglobal Level 4 Aug 9, 2018

No. No chance of a gawd as depicted by any religion. Aliens? Well, maybe. smile009.gif

SkotlandSkye Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

@Humanistheathen LOL maybe....maybe it's my favorite joke.... smile009.gif


From what I've seen there's not a chance in hell! Oops bad choice of phrase there lol smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

There's a better chance that I created the universe since I actually exist, but yeah there's a chance.

mattersauce Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

Lol yes there’s a chance. But being an agnostic atheist, I’m also saying that the chance is not for any god you’ve ever heard of so far. And it’s so small it’s hardly worth considering as of yet. And if you see a light coming toward you, swerve out the way of the oncoming truck and completely redeem yourself.

Wurlitzer Level 7 Aug 9, 2018
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