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Am I the only one who does this? I have a queen size bed. Yet I only sleep on the one side. And it's not out of habit from being married for 12 yrs. We rarely slept in the same bed. A lot of it due to my being gone 28 days a month driving a truck. But when sleeping on a full or a twin, I'm pretty much center, or diagnal or whatever.

Spag84 6 Aug 9

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Everything is relative. If you look at the bed from the headboard side, I would be on the left. Sometimes I drift a little, so it's maybe not so crazy looking on my new Queen size. But when I had a King, and sleeping alone (poor Bastard) it was a little crazy to be sequestered to only the left side. It had it's advantages for a bachelor though. I had to wash sheets less often because I would instead just rotate the mattress 180 degrees.


Ha! I have a queen bed and I don't sleep on it!

Couch, recliner?

@Spag84 no, just a bed sheet on the carpet! I like it hard lol


Same here, Super King size....left hand side. When my husband was alive he always slept on the right and I have never ever changed the habit.


Same here. Queen sized, left side

twill Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

Yes, I have to remind myself to go in the center of the bed!

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