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Trump Attacks NFL Again

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 10

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TRump you are BANNED from all football games for life


He just loves to dig deeper.


Actually, Trump agreed with the NFL.


That this utter nonsense and trivial pursuit of the denigration of a fundamental American right by the POTUS is even in the news cycle is a testament to just how low we have sunk under this manchild's governance, as it were. It is shameful beyond words.


It plays to his base in Ah-Mer-ee-ka, of people breaking the flag code, like 60's hippies, and wearing outfits adorned with flags, because they can be more patriotic by disobeying a code designed to honor the flag. Hypocrisy at its finest.


I mean, really folks, just think, this is really one of the most top priorities of being the president isn't it?

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