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What is something that is absolutely worth the money? (I say, TP, never buy the cheap stuff)

Redcupcoffee 7 Aug 11

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Boots and Duluth buck naked underwear


Good coffee. Always worth it.


Education! Everything flows from a solid understanding of what's going on. In my opinion, it's the only hope for the survival of humankind. Too bad right-wing politicians refuse to fund it and spend all that money on military defense. Not really worth it!

DES32 Level 4 Aug 12, 2018

@Redcupcoffee I did that. Went back to school later in life to get my M.A. Changed everything around regarding my career. Quite a bit of hassle though, school is really a game for the young. But if you have the other elements of your life under control and you can concentrate on your studies, you should have a successful outcome.

What are your academic goals?

@Redcupcoffee Calif State University Northridge, where I did my undergraduate studies. But I know the online school is popular these days. It was very close to home and convenient. I could walk to school from the small, guest house i was living in at the time.

@Redcupcoffee Yes I also just went back to complete degree in computer science.

@Redcupcoffee Going to Marshall University

@Redcupcoffee physical


I would say good quality cookware, knives, kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets. Sheets for the bed. And coffee ....yes and TP. Can’t skimp on that.


Food --- the best ingredients -- fresh, organic -- make the best foods and they are also the building blocks of every cell in your body.

Never eat cheap, "junk" food.
Always be mindful of your health when choosing foods.
Everything you eat should have the purpose of increasing your health.

My thoughts, exactly!

@Stepmomofdragons I'm a serious gardener...and I have an organic garden and only grow heirlooms. I can tell you 100% that all my veggies taste far better than what they sell in stores...AND if I can do my part to prevent bees from dying, then I would be an asshole not to do so, right?
You might want to look into who PAID for all those "studies" you have heard about.
Feel free to keep consuming Roundup. LOL

@Stepmomofdragons are you really that ignorant that you don't know that Monsanto products and Roundup are used ON FOOD CROPS? Please, keep eating it. It's mindless consumers that are responsible for everything from our landfills and dirty oceans to honeybee colony collapse and dirty ground water. Finally, there are many scientific studies that show organics are healthier. But, even if they weren't, the chemicals used in non-organic growing are so harmful to the environment that only greedy assholes would endorse/promote their use.


"Another large meta-analysis published in 2014, also in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that organic crops — ranging from carrots and broccoli to apples and blueberries — have substantially higher concentrations of a range of antioxidants and other potentially beneficial compounds. That review included data from more than 300 studies.

For instance, organic crops had about 50 percent more anthocyanins and flavonols compared with conventional crops. Anthocyanins are compounds that give fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, their blue, purple and red hues.

Consumption of these compounds is linked to a variety of benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects. Flavonol compounds — found widely in fruits and vegetables — have also been shown to protect cells from damage, which can help fend off disease."


So, yeah...keep being one of the mindless masses that are destroying this planet.

@Stepmomofdragons Also, I make it a point to KNOW everything I use and consume. I'm a chef and a wellness educator. This happens to be what I've devoted my life to. I literally have hundreds of books and files full of research articles and magazine articles about this topic. So, what you call "smug and superior" just happens to be 30+ years of research and work. Where I come from, it's called "being an expert in the field". Here....write to Time and tell them how smug and superior and wrong they are.... []

@Stepmomofdragons oh, and Monsanto isn't "being sued" as you wrote because you misread or didn't read....they WERE sued and LOST. This isn't the first time. Did you know they also created Agent Orange? It was developed as a weed killer. You really should read up on all they have created and the hundreds of times they have been sued. Also, there are literally hundreds of research studies linking their products to not only health issues but also the death of honey bees and the contamination of ground water. Please educate yourself. Here's a brief summary []


and booze, life is to short to drink cheap booze.


A SSD for my laptop. It's more expensive per GB than a standard hard drive but the boot times truly make up for it cost.

@CoastRiderBill It really was a game changer. My laptop has two hard drive slots so I have Windows and all of my applications on the SSD. It's gotten to the point where any other computer I have to use (especially my work computer) is unbearably slow. I have been spoiled!


A good pair of shoes. A good winter coat. A good bra.




Sheets, lingerie, lipstick, skin products, toilet paper, and work out shoes

Lingerie? Doesn't it just end up in the floor? ?

You do have them in the proper order.

@jwd45244 It will end up on the floor if it does its job...and, I am a believer that nice lingerie is meant for the woman as well, to feel confident and is not always about seduction, although, I rarely get complaints when I wear my best...

@thinktwice I was joking

@jwd45244 I know...😉



Marz Level 7 Aug 11, 2018



Sheets....high-count, ample-cornered sheets! Love 'em!


For my needs, fast Internet. Preferably well built fiber optic, not less than 100 megabits/sec, preferably gigabit ethernet or better. Something that doesn't degrade when all your neighbors come home from work and start surfing the web ... as analog cable providers typically do.

One of the reasons for selecting the neighborhood I'm in was the availability of just such a connection (provider is Verizon FIOS), which frankly is still pedestrian by worldwide standards.

But yeah, nothing worse than single-ply TP, I'll give you that.


Coke, weed and alcohol


Bungie cord, bandages, athletic shoes, brakes, and birth control!


Dish soap- Dawn only here. TP- Charmin. Shampoo and conditioner-salon products really are better than Suave.


Real butter

only butter, agree!!


I never go cheap on a bed or a pair of glasses.

like, sunglasses? or regular prescription glasses? reading glasses?


All of the above


Gin: Sapphire, Bombay, Tanqeray, and Hendricks are so much better than off brand gin

Have you tried Plymouth? I like the first three you listed and haven't tried Hendricks yet.


Best Foods real mayonnaise there is no other mayonnaise before it

@RobLawrence I'll be darned I learn something new everyday hey as long as it tastes the same I don't care what they call it

@Redcupcoffee well mayonnaise is mayonnaise Miracle Whip was originally designed as a salad dressing something to put on your lettuce and it tastes a lot sweeter and nastier than mayonnaise of course you are going to realize that my opinion is completely biased since I hate Miracle Whip


Organic vegetables and fruit.


Quality, fresh, organic, food.


Really good whole bean coffee.


All-beef hot dogs (e.g., Hebrew National). Most regular dogs can't compare for flavor!


Once you try a bidet you will never go back to TP.

Yup. Thailand has spoiled me with their toilet sprayer hoses. I now think of having them as "being civilized."

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