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Pentagon Officials Listen In Silence As Mike Pence Details Plans For Angel-Guided Defense Weapons System


ldheinz 7 Aug 11

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Now I want to know what A.N.G.E.L. is an anagram for?

Was just wondering where you were? New pic, thru me!

@Freedompath I know if I take my hat off and go to the gas stations every one think someone new is in town lol.


Is it possible that no one in the room stopped him from speaking, called the white coats 911 number and had him escorted to the loony bin. If this is a true story, I need a drink, and I don't drink.

This reminds me of a joke told by a doctor at a nutritional seminar, who said we can be kinder to the cows being slaughtered for meat by locking them in a room and playing Country Western Music nonstop which will kill them more quickly without blood by stunning.
Can we put Pence in a room with C&W music? I know. You country people won't like this. Cool your shorts. Its a joke!!🙂🙂🙂


I have been a long time read and fan of the Onion 🙂


Well, that's a whole new level of disturbing...


You almost got me

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