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As I'm sitting here eating lunch I think how funny... when I was a kid, if something moldy got in my mouth I'd gag and spit out. Thinking this is while eating blue cheese dressing.

pepperjones 8 Aug 13

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I hated, hated, hated green beans as a kid. They always made me gag. Now I love nothing more than a nice pan roasted or steamed green bean. Who knew? 😀


I have a chunk of Limburger if you want to trade. I get my Roquefort at Trader Joes it a 3 hour round trip though.


Love blue all cheese, the stinkier the better!


You would think that your boyfriends would have, at least, showered first.

Dang it! I keep forgetting that not everything in in the Offenders group 😉


This I know.

I was thinking more about the other less thick skinned citizens who may come across my comment 😉 lol



@pepperjones I used to love dipping French fries in blue cheese dressing when I got wings.

the only Fungi that I will eat are Mushrooms! love all sorts of other cheese


Mustard works too though I'm not a fan of mayo with fries.


Ah, sophistication of the palate... but I still can't bring myself to try escargot...

@pepperjones Your pic suggests you ate a Smurf.

those are good.

@pepperjonesI've had Rattle Snake: LOOKS LIKE FISH... TASTES LIKE CHICKEN


Given the color of your tounge, it is easy to spot the change in your outlook.


Given the color of your tounge, it is easy to spot the change in your outlook.

@pepperjones l do find it attractive for some unexplainable reason.

@pepperjones Blue Balls?


Yeah, not a fan of blue cheese.


Mmm love a good chunky bleu cheese on a chef salad or hotwings ?

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