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I just heard the term apatheist. I am thinking about converting, but that might be against their doctrine.

Frisbeeguy317 4 Aug 13

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To "convert to" is, I think, inappropriate as apatheist and atheist would be the default position in the absence of indoctrination, it is not a set of beliefs, which you would need to have to convert to another set of beliefs.


Maybe I will next year.


I may convert. Can I get some literature? Will some of their missionaries by stopping by?

They had plans to stop by, but then they couldn't be bothered


Apatheism? Sounds like some Unitarian Universalists I know. As a nullifidian I prefer not to get stuck on the debate over the existence or attributes of a god or gods (any of them, past or present), but rather the rejection of religion and faith.


Really all atheists are ultimately apathetic about faith, per se. If people of faith would live and let live, we would not give them a second thought; in fact, we already don't give hardly any thought to that subset of Christians who DO live and let live (mostly, liberal Christians and their equivalents in other religions).

As such, the concept of apatheism seems like a contrived, "I'm floating above it all because I'm not so petty as the rest of you" stance.

I don't take prisoners when it comes to debating theists -- I don't evade such engagements -- but I do not lay awake nights obsessing about them either.

Nor do I imagine that if I take the high road they will leave us alone.

In other words to me apatheism is an example of taking a stapler to a gunfight. It's all well and good to be too heady and noble to actually rumble, but rubmling is what's needed because fundamentalism is a threat to civil society and our own intellectual freedoms.


Chilled Christians.
Moderate Muslims.
............... Jews.
............... Hindus.


Now you have me researching this terminology so far doesn't recognize the word. It is in Wikipedia []

In plain Apatheist doesn't give a d...m one way or the other.


I would convert but I'm feeling to apathetic about it.

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