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This is on my FB do you respond to this?

Freespirit64 8 Aug 14

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You say Socialists hated Lincoln. Do you have that in writing somewhere or did it come right out of Trump University? Who are "they" that loved Mussolini and then tried to model our government on socialism through FDR? Did you follow WW2 at all?How is Trump freeing anyone from shackles of food stamps and institutional slavery? Taking away needed programs is freedom. Unemployment rates can get pretty low when those on unemployment use up all their benefits. You mentioned a "point of civil war." Are you a war monger?

That's how I would answer it. They come on with nonsense and I strike back.


A post from an idiot on the internet? Shocking! ?


Keep scrolling


Block him


Block him


Thanks everyone. I was pretty speechless. This is a real person! And people were agreeing with him! Had to unfriend him. Oh, the tragedy....

Yeah, I think unfriending is your best option. Sometimes, if it's someone I may want to keep as a friend, I'll try to corner them by asking for their sources but this definitely sounds like that would be a waste of your time and mental health.


Sounds right

gater Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

Badly worded horseshit?


well theres a lot of words there just not much in the way of words that i would want to waste my time trying to mine meaning from he must of spent ages with spell check so as not to look to stupid 😛


Slavery is and always has been a capitalist institution.

Capitalism is basically exploiting others people's labor and ideas to benefit solely the capitalists, not hte people who actually do the actual work that makes society work.

I can't find even one true statement in the above Meme.


Typical Right Wing gobblygook history twisting garbage. Ignorance beyond any chance of redemption and probably a troll. This is the base that Trump loves so much, because they haven’t a clue what they are talking about, love unfounded conspiracy stories and have no interest in reality, only the false TV reality put out by Fox News. Ignore or block them, save yourself the brain drain of reading their spew!


I would like to see his sources.

I agree. Let his back it up with verifiable facts.


You can't. There is a level of stupidity so great that there is no use in even engaging.

Yeah, that is about how I'd feel about it if someone posted it on my FB page.

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