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Ok. Something that's bugging me a little. I don't understand why all these dudes, old dudes keep checking me out. What's the deal? Are you just curious about me. I wouldn't know why. I'm not gay. Maybe see me as competition. Or want to be like me. I don't know. Some of you check me out several times a day. My pictures and bio haven't changed. I'd like to have an explanation for this.

Spag84 6 Aug 14

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I used to talk to another guy who was bothered by this too. I have no idea why they do it. But it doesn't mean anything about you so why let it bother you?

Carin Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

You're pretty lol


So now I'm confused. Occasionally, I'll want to read more about a person after they've posted something. I'm taking it that this is not cool. I'm pretty sure I've not been to this page... but now I've got to purposefully avoid it.

For me, I just kinda feel like someone is looking in my window at me. I wouldn't mind it as much if when said person just says something like. "Hey dude. What's up? Like that funny cat meme." Or something to that effect. Not just silence.

@Spag84 I so rarely notice on my profile. Though I'm not on here to date... That and I don't often go to my profile page.


I feel the same way about young dudes, middle age dudes, old dudes viewing me... I was told here, is the checking of the competition. Figure the Odds! I said it before, I say it again... Not Flatening.

I don't think a 78 yr old man is REALLY any competition. If we were competing.

@Spag84 I won't under estimate anybody, at any age. I show no curiosity but I been given that excuse as valid... competition Here!


even just scrolling down a page my cursor sticks over pics fck knows how many times a day it happens also i don't commit names to memory unless someone means something to you they r just another random i couldnt match 1 name to their picture on this site im assuming most people are the same

Guess youve gotten your curser stuck on me a few times. It must think I'm sexy. Lol

Yeah I do that all the time! I'm not so good at the computer, & also can't remember names well. Now probably everyone thinks I'm a dirty old lady? Oh well, to heck with 'em.


For this ol’ dude … every so often my fucking cursor gets shoved off ‘the page’ ..and apparently, simply passing over someone’s avatar ( “hovering” ) brings up their profile - I mutter a cussword it takes more effort than it should to make it go away -- then wonder if someone will read more into ‘me having checked them out’ ..than not having read a word or done more than tried to figure out how to escape, and stop that from happening. So don’t flatter yourself, too much 😉

Varn Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

Yeah. You think I'm sexy. Lol

Yeah, I do that a lot too. Maybe it's an old person thing--blurry vision, shaky hands & poor computer skills! So that's what "hovering" is? I wondered as I've been getting hovered too.


Perhaps they want to check your profile after reading your posted comments...check out the person behind the response.

Or perhaps they are checkin you out to see what you look like. For women, thats a day with a Y in its name. Welcome to our world. ??

Unfortunately it's more men then women checking me out.

@Spag84 well you aren't hard to look at so I can see why they stop by 😉

@SallyInStitches After that comment, I had to check him out too.

@Stephanie99 curiousity got the better of me as well.

@SallyInStitches It's true!

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